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Performance is understood as accomplishment of an organisation in relation to its future objectives. It includes the required outcomes of an organisation with the contribution from the individuals or the teams. …
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Personnel Resourcing and Development
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Download file to see previous pages It includes the required outcomes of an organisation with the contribution from the individuals or the teams. It is essential to achieve the strategic objectives of an organisation as well as an individual. Moreover, performances encompass both the financial and the behavioural outcomes of an individual. This is due to the fact that an individual’s behaviour may lead to the final outcomes. Thus, it can be affirmed that performance of an individual is directly correlated with the potentials of an individual which is based on his/her method of comprehension and realisation (Australian Public Service, 2001). Performance management is referred as the procedure of creating a working situation, which can enable individuals to enhance their quality of performances. It is described as the procedure of monitoring and analysing the performances of an individual in order to obtain requisite outcomes (Melin, 2010). It is necessary because it may lead to varied rewards and recognitions, resulting in augmentation of the brand image of an organisation as well as reputation of an individual. The prime objective of performance management system is to train and to educate the staff in order to enhance the level of performances. It also helps in attainment of constructive and constant feedback about the underlying barriers of the performances of an individual so that it can be treated to reduce those discrepancies (Dattner, 2010). Subsequently, performance management system also facilitates in evaluating the high as well as poor performers of a particular group, which provides a detailed idea about the types of training programmes required to maintain the trends of performances (Apriority Learning, n.d.). For this reason, performance management is described as the current buzzword, which plays an active role for an organisation that facilitates in its sustainability in this era of competitiveness. In order to do so, performance management system includes certain specific components, namely planning, reassessing and performance appraisal and constant feedback (Slideshare, n.d.). This aspect is depicted in the below figure. Performance Management Components Source: (Slideshare, n.d.) Planning is the most crucial part of the performance management procedure which forms the fundamental source of performance appraisal (Apriority Learning, n.d.). It is mainly performed in order to evaluate the level of performance of an individual among other employees of an organisation. This method of performance appraisal is done with joint effort of appraisee along with reviewee to detect his/her level of action. With the help of this process, the major areas of responsibility along with individual skills, knowledge and priorities can be easily analysed (Department of the Interior, n.d.). Moreover, it also helps in development of an action plan in order to enhance the level of performance thereby diminishing the drawbacks or shortcomings. Other than this, reviewing also plays an active role in the entire process of performance management system. In this process, the appraisee is offered a form to appraise him/her-self, but later again reviewed or quantified by his/her seniors (Slideshare, n.d.). After completion of the entire process, the reviewee provides a dynamic contribution within the process of appraisal in order to investigate the loopholes of the performance and to overcome them (Melin, 2010). It also helps in constant progress and development of the individuals through varied types of guidance programmes, which might facilitate in augmenting those loopholes. In addition to these steps, the other significant component of performance ma ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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