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Effective team performance - Assignment Example

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EFFECTIVE TEAM PERFORMANCE Introduction Tuckman (1965) distinguishes groups from team on basis of their commitment and teamwork. Teams can be categorized as decision team, task teams and self-directed teams. In self-managed or self-directed scenario, teams are autonomous or semi-autonomous and have more authority to deal with problems that face them…
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Effective team performance
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Download file to see previous pages Team building concepts like Belbin’s Team Roles, Myers-Griggs Group Dynamics, conflict resolution and decision making were experienced as the team progressed through team development stages of forming, norming and stroming as described by Tuckman’s Team Development Model (Tuckman 1965). The team was faced with a number of problems that occurred during its entire developmental process based on Tuckman’s model (Beyerlein and Johnson 2000). Although improved collaboration, effective communication and alignment of individual objectives with team objectives helped to overcome these problems, Kayes (2004) is of the opinion that these could have been prevented at the initial stages of the project. The project presented number of opportunities to the team to remain engaged in number of activities that played significant role in transforming the group into a cohesive and effective team. This report focuses on key stages in the development of a cohesive team and the problems and conflicts faced during the process and steps taken to resolve these issues. The report also discusses key theories and concepts of team development and significance of their application in practical life and analyzes the transformation of experiences in reflective learning. Problem and Context In this project, I formed part of a group that was entirely unknown to me and I had no earlier opportunity of working with them in similar circumstances. Due to this situation, I felt anxiety as I was totally confused about the group members, their behavior, said or unsaid protocols for group interaction and team objectives, as mentioned by Myers-Briggs (1998). Tuckman described it typical to the forming stage of the team development (Tuckman 1965). In forming stage, future of team and the team objectives are not much clear. Members try to know each other, exchange personal information and make friends that help them to better respond to pressure situation in future. But as I gained more opportunities to interact and know other members, the anxiety transformed into confidence to effectively communicate and participate in the group activities. During the project, many problems like motivation, individual capability, ineffective communication and team dynamics as highlighted by Kayes (2004) surfaced. Team members were not focused on team objectives and were frequently found busy in their social and personal issues at the initial stages of team development. The team members belonged to diverse cultural background that presented a potential source for diversity conflict (Goleman 2002). I believe that like me other group members being almost on the same parity had the similar experiences, as they were also shy and hesitant to communicate among each other at initial stages. Although these problems impeded task completion, team development, cohesion and improving collaboration and coordination among the members but these provided opportunities to respond effectively to a particular situation and progress towards team development (Chaney and Lyden 2000). McManus (2000) stresses that teams are stronger in commitment, cohesion and understanding of objectives than the groups. Therefore, skills like self-awareness, self management, competence, social awareness and relationship management highlighted by Goleman (2002) as Emotional Intelligence played a key role in bonding team together towards common goal. Despite all the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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