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Diversity Day Analysis - Essay Example

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A recent development in the global arena has been globalization and with this, developed countries are experiencing an immense influx as individuals migrate from other…
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Diversity Day Analysis
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Extract of sample "Diversity Day Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages invest in diversity training in order to educate their employees about the different cultures so as to inculcate an appreciation of diversity and to reduce incoherence within the workforce. In the Diversity Day episode of The Office, a diversity training consultant, Mr. Brown arrives at the Dunder-Mifflin Paper Co., Inc in order to educate its staff about diversity and cultural tolerance.
The diversity training is necessitated by the imitation of Chris Rock’s comedy routine called ‘Niggas v. Black People’ by Michael, which offends the staff due to its racist joke. This act prompts the corporate management to call for a diversity day seminar in order to teach the staff about racial tolerance. Ironically, after the diversity trainer and consultant, Mr. Brown arrives, Michael seems to steal the center stage when in fact the training was actually meant for him. In the diversity training session, Mr. Brown continuously tries to make an effort to create cultural sensitivity among the staff workers so as to generate a feeling of cultural Enlightment by putting each staff in the shoes of a co-worker with a different race. Here, the purpose is to spark tolerance and appreciation of the diversity present at most workplaces. Mr. Brown means to spur realization of other racial sentiments and hence greater tolerance for other races.
A constantly interrupted diversity session that Mr. Brown holds, aims to present an insightful experience for the staff members. His speech talks about the cultural variations and tries to generate a more coherent feeling among the workers going beyond racial stereotypes. Mr. Brown shows much tolerance after Michael says that Mr. Brown really is his name, implying the coherence between Mr. Brown’s name and his African American origins. By displaying tolerance to many of Michael’s racist remarks, he tries to demonstrate how diversity training involves appreciation and recognition of the varied staff workers. In a varied workforce, it is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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