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Comparison, contrast and evaluation of the business case for the use of high performance in the two organizations - Essay Example

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Improving Organizational Performance Table of Contents Introduction 3 Comparison, contrast and evaluation of the business case for the use of high performance in the two organizations 3 Difficulties, challenges and implications encountered by the use of performance management in the two organizations 6 Balanced proposals as to how these difficulties and challenges can be effectively managed and responded to at present and in the long run 8 Limitation and shortcomings of the proposal 10 Conclusion 11 Reference 13 Introduction Performance management is a process of appraising the performance of the employees in the organization and ensuring that employee’s performance provide a support to the…
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Comparison, contrast and evaluation of the business case for the use of high performance in the two organizations
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Download file to see previous pages In short, it is a collaborative and a continuous process conducted between a supervisor and employee in order to plan, develop and evaluate employee’s performance. Effective performance management aligns the efforts of supervisors and the employees by helping the employees to perform at their best to reach their goals and ensures that the performance management system conducted with fairness and transparency. Hence, ongoing performance management of the employees helps the organization to monitor the performance of employee’s achievements goals (University of Virginia, 2010). Comparison, contrast and evaluation of the business case for the use of high performance in the two organizations TCS and Air India are two big Indian organizations, which obviously from their diverse sectors have something in common. However, Air India and TCS have been taken to show the contrast as well as the comparison existing between the two organizations in case of performance management systems. Performance Management system in TCS considered as a velocity centre of an organization. In addition, TCS a private sector enterprise and largest IT Company in India, has a full-bodied appraisal system, where appraisal system based on balance score card, which is conducted at the end of the year or at the end of the project. However, in January 2008 the appraisal system was conducted, it was seen that the employees who received a rating of two in performance improvement plan, which was for a fixed period and based on this plan they were given an additional training in order to improve their performance. In the absence of improvement in performance, employees were given the option to resign (Dezzler & Varkkey, (2009). Performance Appraisal is not implemented as a continuous process in Air India, whereas in TCS the employees gain the advantage of receiving the rewards for their performance for a longer period in terms of achieving its goals. The reason behind the high performance of the employees in TCS is that, the employees performance are being appreciated and recognized by their supervisors which leads to bring the improve productivity in the organization. However, the performance of the employees in the Air India compared to TCS is comparatively low. Various kinds of rewards like long service awards and offering performance based annual increment to the high performers, generally motivates the employees to contribute towards high performance in the workplace. In Air India, reward systems generally related to performance, which was first, introduced at the Senior Executive Service in the organization and Senior Officers were considered the detached employees in the public sector. Therefore, according to Mac, there are many public sector firms, which had taken some long steps in rigorous way while dealing with issues related to performance of the employees (Australian Government, 1968, p.17-18). The main motive behind conducting performance appraisal in TCS is based on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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