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Impenitent Surveillance Solutions Company (ISSC) - Essay Example

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Names of Team Members Student Numbers Email Addresses Date Impenitent Surveillance Solutions Company (ISSC) Table of Contents Table of Contents 1 1.0.Impertinent Surveillance Solutions Company 2 1.1.Executive Summary 2 1.2.Objectives 3 1.3.Mission 3 1.4.Key to success 3 1.5.Business Concept in Brief 4 2.0.Customer Context 4 2.1.Value proposition statement 5 2.2.Goal statement 6 2.3.Business model diagram 6 2.4.Milestone diagram 7 2.5.Brand -Culture statement 7 2.6.ISSC’s Unique Selling proposition 8 3.0.Business Idea Context 9 4.0.Returns from the Innovation 10 5.0.Market Opportunity 11 6.0.Market Strategy 12 7.0.Deliverables towards realising the venture ide…
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Impenitent Surveillance Solutions Company (ISSC)
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Download file to see previous pages The company is owed by a group of young innovators out to avail innovations that are affordable and offering solutions to problems affecting virtually all individual at the residential and corporate, business world. This business plan has been drafted as a guide and a management tool for the start of this business venture, as well as serves as the basis for a detailed marketing plan. The following highlights the main points of the plan. The objective of ISSC is to generate income to the group, offer jobs to various individuals in the contemporary world rocked with increasing levels of unemployment. The mission of ISSC is to provide a solution to the surveillance process by introducing a gadget that is affordable and efficient. The initial product will be availed at the surrounding areas with respect to the various market segments identified. The local and international market for the product is wide owing to its affordability and means of using mobile telephony for alerts and monitoring the premises. Finally, the initial financial analysis of the viability of the project clearly shows the outstanding promise and results. With respect to various studies done, closed circuit television has been very critical in crime reduction and investigation. The inclusion of mobile phones to this technology lessens the burden of monitoring gadgets and enhances the critical extension of security measures in the current high technology world. In conclusion, as this plan will outline, this plan projects a rapid growth and eventual high net returns in the coming three years. The effectual implementation of the plan coupled with a detailed marketing strategy will ensure that ISSC eventually and abruptly turns to be a profitable venture to the team of the innovators and satisfying to the customers. 1.2. Objectives The objectives of the business plan are: 1. Introduce a guided format for managing the growth of ISSC: a strategic practice for developing a comprehensive tactical marketing plan. 2. Establish the intended market base capitalisation. 3. Establish the expected proceeds of the venture and its viability. The objectives of ISSC are: 1. Generate sufficient profit to enhance future growth and innovation. 2. Come up with affordable and effective surveillance gadgets. 1.3. Mission The mission of ISSC is very clear and simple: Purpose: ISSC has been introduced to avail effective and affordable, portable CCTV. Vision: in the provision of effective and affordable surveillance gadgets, majority of households and small companies will acquire surveillance gadgets. Marketing slogan: “ISSC the impertinent solution to your premises protection.“ 1.4. Key to success The set keys to success for ISSC are: Ensuring high product quality. Upholding high marketing and networking strategies Enhancing responsiveness in the surveillance sector. Developing a loyal and cordial relationship with its family of customers. 1.5. Business Concept in Brief Impertinent Surveillance Solutions Company has ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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