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The current strategy of Sony is intended to transform the company “into a more innovative, integrated, and agile global company with its next generation leadership firmly in place”. …
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The current strategy of Sony
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Download file to see previous pages As such, it can be said that Sony aims to become the leading global provider of networked consumer electronics and entertainment which is to be attained by strengthening its core businesses, enhancing network initiatives; and leveraging international growth opportunities to build for the future and drive further growth and profits for the company. Since innovation is at the heart of Sony’s business model, Sony intends to enrich its strengths with external expertise by accelerating the efficiency of R&D, as well as by enabling the company to effectively respond to rapidly changing customer needs and preferences in the network era. Thus, through the creation of new user experiences, strengthening core businesses, driving innovation, and minimizing the environmental impact of its operations, Sony strives to achieve not only sales volume, but also sustainable and profitable growth.
Furthermore, Sony believes that the key to achieving such goals lies on accelerating and aligning its business operations.
In this light, two business groups were formed during the formation of this strategy: the Network Products and Services Group and the New Consumer Products Group.
The Network Products and Services Group is comprised of Sony Computer Entertainment, personal computers, mobile products including the Walkman, and Sony Media and Software Services. Through this group, Sony aims to bring new technologies to the market and increase the pace of innovation. Along with the introduction of new technologies, Sony also created digital services that tie together all of its products, thus, sustaining profitability and maintaining a cohesive corporate culture.
On the other hand, the New Consumer Products Group is composed of television, digital imaging, home audio, and the video business. Through this Group, Sony targets to achieve profitability and growth through product innovation, as well as to improve efficiency and speed of operations. In between these two groups are two teams that help in software development and render logistical support. The first is called Common Software Technology Team. It develops and implements integrated technology and software solutions. The second one is called Manufacturing/Logistics/Procurement team that ensures efficient supply chain solutions for the aforementioned business groups. With this, a brief look at the financial report of Sony in 2008 reveals that there is a substantial increase in terms of its net income as driven by the increase in sales. Thus, such figure can be attributed to the growth in sales. Summarizing all the gathered information, it can be claimed that the strategy of Sony banks primarily on the internal alignment and reorganization of its primary business units in order to increase production efficiency while minimizing costs. Q2. Evaluate the strategy being adopted by Sony to regain lost market share. Reference to the material presented in book Strategy for Business, which theory/concept that the current strategy of Sony was based on. You need to critically justify your argument  The business strategy of Sony, which banks on strengthening the coordination among its core business through the creation of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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