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Metaphoric comparison of Audi Manufacturing - Essay Example

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Organisational behaviour Metaphoric comparison of Audi Manufacturing Introduction and overview Metaphoric demonstration of various processes and systems is a common evolution in literature ever since Aristotle’s times. From management process and system’s perspective, Morgan (2006) conducted a much elaborate comparison of various organisational systems and processes with different metaphors such as machines, organisms, brains, psychic prisons, cultures, political systems, flux and transformation, and instruments of domination…
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Metaphoric comparison of Audi Manufacturing
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Download file to see previous pages These expressions vary depending upon the need. However, these expressions help in creating a perception of the organisation; provide information that may be used for further diagnosis of the organisation; and provide an experience of the organisation’s disposition from an emotional, sensory, and understanding perspectives. The present context of analytic study is based on exploration of the luxury car manufacturing giant, Audi manufacturing, from three different metaphoric perspectives namely, organisations as machines, organisations as intricately woven meshes and organisations as processes of flux and transformation. The process of exploration is based on literature review associated with these metaphoric expressions and information related to the manufacturing giant. In this process, besides understanding the meaning and application of these three metaphoric expressions to Audi manufacturing, critical reflection on the positive aspects of metaphoric explanations and weaknesses associated with respective metaphors will be undertaken. Originated in Germany, Audi stands as one of the top brands of luxury car manufacturers in the world. ...
To possess an Audi, customers willingly wait for long time, which explains its level of success and popularity. Audi’s employees number about 60,000 across the all its production and service centres. Organisations are complex structures that function based on numerous systems, procedures, policies and practices, and requires a variety of skilled personnel that need to continuously learn and upgrade their skills in order to cater to changing external and internal demands. Hence, organisations are constantly challenged with ambiguity and uncertainty, and therefore require constant adaptation. These are achieved by constantly changing the work processes, systems, skills as well as places in contemporary times. These ever-changing patterns coerce management researchers to constantly scrutinize the internal and external environment, which ultimately result in various understandings as perceived by different individuals. These reflective perceptions have resulted in various metaphoric expressions of contemporary organisations. On one hand, these images provide insightful information about the organisation, and on the other, they have potential to present distorted image of the organisation. Both, imminent information and distorted images have to be considered in arriving at meaningful outcomes or studies of organisations that can be of practical importance in implementing measures that could be beneficial to the business, employees and/or society and environment. The present study is aimed at understanding Audi Manufacturing through the lenses of three different metaphors, which are aptly applicable to this manufacturing giant. These finding may be used to understand the impact of metaphors on development of theory ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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