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Hooters restaurants need to just admit its adult entertainment and ban children after 9pm. Agree or disagree - Essay Example

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Business  Hooters restaurants need to just admit its adult entertainment and ban children after 9pm. Agree or disagree? INTRODUCTION: Businesses in the world are expanding at a rapid pace, stretching their spans across borders and generating revenues at historically impressive rates…
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Hooters restaurants need to just admit its adult entertainment and ban children after 9pm. Agree or disagree
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Extract of sample "Hooters restaurants need to just admit its adult entertainment and ban children after 9pm. Agree or disagree"

Download file to see previous pages But in the today’s times where a lot of insight and literature is available on business ethics, empowered by forces such as the media and civilian Watchdogs; ignorance is indeed not an excuse. Most of the literature available on ethics is dominated by rhetoric without accommodating the everyday practical situations that businesses deal with and without an adequate framework. There is also a wide array of ethical theories and explanations that are present, each one holding a particular merit, but the lack of uniformity and coherence makes it hard to standardize or decide on a single formula or framework to deal with such issues. Thus, this paper aims to critically assess an Ethical dilemma with a very objective outlook. This paper aims to systematically present the problem backed by facts and then present a legal and ethical analysis of the facts, without a bias towards either side. And ultimately using this analysis to present a very carefully constructed judgment. While increased globalization has opened up many new markets for trade, it has also increased competition among businesses to capture market share. Competition is naturally deemed as healthy, but it can also lead to practices that circumvent the existing socioethical status quos and thus lead to ethical dilemmas. 1 (Richard M. Locke, 2002) As per observations, increased competition leads to firms looking up for newer and more innovative ways to differentiate their products and services. Hooters, an American chain of fast food restaurants, is another such company that has made the use of a rather unconventional and unorthodox medium of differentiating itself, which in its case is female sex appeal. This strategy has been a source of debate and objection from many different circles but has also been successful in creating a market for Hooters. The extent of success and objections differs from place to place depending upon the demographic makeup of the respective locations. Our aim is to explore the many ways in which this eatery operates, analyze the potential sources of objection using legal and ethical notions and then ultimately form a judgment in context of normative ethics regarding what Hooters ought to do. To be specific, this paper will ultimately analyze the validity of the claim that Hooters is indeed an adult entertainment provider operating under the garb of a traditional fast food restaurant, and should consequently disallow the entry of children after 9 p.m. as per the usual legal norms. SUMMARY OVERVIEW: Hooters, since its inception in 1983 has openly admitted to using female sex appeal as a unique selling proposition. While doing this lies within its legal jurisdiction as protected by the American constitution and other governing laws throughout the world, the crux of the debate regarding Hooters lies in the company not classifying itself as an adult service provider. But once it does so, its market will be constricted mainly to adults, and this is what the company doesn’t want. The main attraction of the Hooters franchise are the Hooters Girls. The Hooters Girls are usually young, attractive females wearing a standard required uniform, the highlight of which is a White Hooters tank top and orange shorts. The clothes are meant to enhance the attraction of the body, but strictly without any nudity. The Hooters Girls are supposed to entertain and interact with the customers as part of the Hooters ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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