Training and Development on Employee Job Performance in Tesco - Dissertation Example

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Tesco is one of the leading and largest British retailer and the third largest grocery retailers in the world with numerous outlets in USA, Asia and Europe. With the company, its workforce has also grown. Tesco has approximately 280,000 employees in UK and about 460,000 worldwide. …
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Training and Development on Employee Job Performance in Tesco
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Download file to see previous pages In order to serve a wider market, the company requires flexible, well trained workforce which can identify the needs of its customers. This project looks at the various programs undertaken by the company and aims to provide training and development opportunities for its employees and also managers. The project aims to take into consideration the training provided in Tesco to its employees. The project aim is to identify the needs of training and development in Tesco and whether it has a positive impact on the working condition of the employees in Tesco. For further research, some research questions have been formulated which has helped in the formulation of the literature review. A time frame has been given supported with a Gantt chart showing the plan and approach of the project. A case on Tesco has been considered and a detail analyses on the information collected have been conducted and also supported with a discussion on the training and development sessions at Tesco. Finally a conclusion has been provided which states that training and development has been an essential part of the company and it is trough the programs that Tesco has been able to reach he stage where it is today and continuous to grow in the future.

Executive Summary 2
Project Aims and Objectives 5
Objectives of the study 5
Research Questions 6
Project Plan and Approach 6
Literature Review 8
Training and Development in Organizations 8
Aims and Objectives The objectivity of training and development and the learning process has been a leverage with respect to industries and today it has become arching trend of social needs which emphasis that organisation should inculcate learning culture as social responsibility. Training has played a distinct role in the achievement of organisational goal by way of incorporating the interest of the organisation and the employees. The performance of employees depends on various factors but one of the most important factors is training. Training is essential in order to enhance the capabilities of the employees. Training and Development increase the performance of the employee and in return it enhances the performance of the overall organisation. Employee performance depends on factors such as job satisfaction, knowledge and management. Thus it can be inferred that employee performance is important for the organisation and training and development is essential and beneficial for employees to improve their performance (Khan, 2011). Therefore the purpose of the study is to determine the impact of training and development on the employee at Tesco. Objectives of the study The objectives of the study are to: Identify the major purpose of training and development Ascertain the training and development policies in Tesco Explain and outline the training and development practise and processes, outline of the training methods and the process of monitoring and evaluating the plan. Whether training and development have a positive effect on the performance of workers and productivity. Research Questions How did the training and development practice developed in Tesco? What are the training and development practice and policies in Tesco? What are the major purpose of training ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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