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Business Logistics of the Apple Incorporation - Case Study Example

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The author examines how Apple is restructuring the supply chain and the logistics management, with the aim of minimizing the logistic system, and in improving the speedy delivery and the information relating to it. Apple Inc collaborated with the Skyway Freight systems, for support in logistics.  …
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Business Logistics of the Apple Incorporation
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Download file to see previous pages The launching of an extensive range of logistics inventiveness, intended to develop working efficiencies, increase service level and enhance profitability. The upcoming trends like the B2B integration, e-business, electronic procuring, and e-logistics are initiated in collaboration with trading partners, to increase efficiencies and eradicate the desecrate, out of supply chains. “The supply chain is corporate America’s last frontier. Conquering it is the key to reducing costs and maximizing profits. Damon Schechter and Gordon Sander have done a remarkable job in demonstrating the importance of supply chain management—to today’s business” (Delivering the Goods 2000). Apple Inc has implemented e-commerce to develop deep relationships on a good rapport with their customers. Nearly 50% of Apple’s $32 billion in annual revenues are carried out over the network, and other manufacturer distributors and suppliers report a quick rise in the on-line sale. Apart from the U.S, the country Japan too is emerging in e-commerce and is expected to achieve a growth of 40% in comparison to previous years. Process Flows Operation of Apple: Apple Inc, previously Apple Computer Inc, is one of the multinational companies in America that plans and sells customer electronics, software of a computer, and personal computers. Logistic process of Apple Inc involves a large set of activities devoted to the transformation and allocation of commodities, from raw material sourcing to marketplace distribution, in addition to the associated flow of information. The application of process logistics facilitates greater effectiveness of movements, with a suitable choice of methods, terminals, ways, and scheduling. The implied intention of logistics is to create available merchandise, raw materials, and possessions; satisfying four major requirements connected to order, release, quality and cost accomplishment. Logistics is, therefore, a multidimensional value-added action, consisting of production, place, time and control of ingredients of the supply chain. Business nowadays is in a global atmosphere. This atmosphere forces companies, irrespective of place or primary marketplace base, to consider the other parts of the earth too, in their competitive policy analysis. Firms cannot separate themselves from or disregard external factors; for instance, fiscal trends, competitive circumstances or technology modernization in other nations. Some of their participants could be in competition or are positioned in those nations. “The supply chain of the new Apple iPhone and, at some point, the supply chains of the Apple TV, hope that this might help to demonstrate the complexity involved in manufacturing the Apple iPhone — a feature-rich product, I wish I could have, if I could afford it” (Supply Chain Management of Apple Inc 2010). Objectives of Apple Inc: 1. To maximize revenue. 2. To be the global leader among the high-tech brands. 3. To invent merchandises that will be useful, practical and sleek, and that which can appeal to customers all over the world, growing special attention to developed nations like Europe, United State and Canada, and the populous Asian states like Japan, China, India, and South Korea.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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