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The Broadway Cafe - Research Paper Example

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The paper throws light on Broadway Café, a coffee shop that deals with numerous varieties of coffee, tea, home prepared sandwiches, bakery, soups and salads. It was initiated in the year 1952 and has remained as a local hotspot in the US for many years. …
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The Broadway Cafe
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Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that one of the significant issues faced by the Broadway Café has been that it does not have a computer system. In the modern day context, computers have significantly enhanced the way the companies operate in their respective industries. There has been significant advancement in technology, thus, the businesses that do not make use of the information system technology are at disadvantage in comparison to their competitors. By installing information system technology in Broadway Cafe, the orders can be recorded in the computer systems. The management will be capable of recording all the orders in the system as this will reduce the time required for taking orders and, therefore, the management will be able to pay due attention to other activities of the business. If the company is capable of managing its operations successfully then in such circumstances, the sales and the profitability of the company can be enhanced. It will permit the company to cut expenses because by updating information technology in an organization, there will be lesser requirement of employee force. Also, the names of the recipes for the baked goods and soups may be stored in the computers. E-Business is applied broadly in modern day business context. It is used to facilitate companies though the use of internet and communication technologies. It would be beneficial for Broadway Cafe to make use of internet as one of the significant tools for the purpose of ordering the goods and services. It is crucial for the company to create its own website via which it can trade its goods and services online and reach wider number of customers. It is because of the e-business technologies that Broadway Cafe will be capable of offering its customers with greater customer service, increase its sales volume, streamline its business processes and minimize the rising costs (Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, 2012). Creation of Online Community By creating online community, Broadway Cafe will be capable of understanding the needs, interests and desires of the customers and will also be capable of connecting with other people who share similar interests. Facebook and Twitter are considered to be well known social networking sites that connect millions of people. Therefore, if Broadway Cafe is capable of creating its page in these sites then it will be able to make a large number of people aware about its products and services. Wireless Network The conventional network concept of the wired users is becoming obsolete. It is because of the increasing use of the wireless LANs, the data can be easily accessible to the users and, therefore, it may lead to productive and effective workforce. By installing wireless network in the Cafe, customers will be capable of accessing internet in their laptops and will be capable of working effectively. The customers may prefer spending prolonged hours within the cafe. This will have a significant impact upon the sales and profitability of the company (Golden West Technology & Internet Solutions, 2012). CRM to Implement Marketing Campaigns and Sales Strategies In order to identify the ever-increasing customer demands, most of the companies in the recent times tend to implement a customer relationship management strategy so that it can administer the customer-facing methods of their business. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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