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Management Information System for Broadway Cafe (College/University) Introduction Management Information System (MIS) is an innovative business concept that offers wide ranges of information needed to manage the day to day organizational activities effectively…
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Describes the capabilities that you want to provide for your customers The Broadway Cafe
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Management Information System for Broadway Cafe (College Introduction Management Information System (MIS) is an innovative business concept that offers wide ranges of information needed to manage the day to day organizational activities effectively. Three basic components such as information, technology, and people constitute MIS. Out of these three components, technology is regarded as the heart of the management information system as it is the key element that enables humans to deal with every piece of information. In order to develop software that meets customer requirements, it is necessary to deal with Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) concept. This paper will discuss different recommendations that can be implemented in Broadway Cafe and various change development phases. Development suggestions for Broadway Cafe Broadway Cafe is a coffee shop located at Atlanta in Georgia that deals with ranges of products such as coffees, teas, homemade sandwiches, soups, and salads. The Broadway Cafe continues the same business methods as it did in 1952; and it does not possess any computer systems even in this 21st century. The last five years reflected considerable decline in cafe’s productivity that can be directly attributed to its conventional modes of business operation. So as to provide improved facilities to its customers; firstly, as Rego (2001) opines, the company must establish an efficient management information system that can adequately assess changing business and strategic requirements. Such a system would also assist the company to monitor various operational activities and it contributes to the business sustainability. In order to practice an efficient MIS, it is necessary to establish a computer network which in turn would effectively coordinate various organizational activities. It is advisable for the Broadway Cafe to design an effective website that would provide relevant information on the Cafe and its products. The proposed website must provide 24 hours customer care facilities that would aid the firm to meet customer satisfaction and thereby collect their feedbacks. From the consumers’ perspectives, the customer care facilities would assist them to clarify their various doubts regarding product features. The company can mainly use this website to provide online trade facilities (e-business) to their customer so that the customers can take advantages of less time and lower costs. Moreover, in the busy modern life, people wish faster delivery of ordered goods. Credit card using prepaid delivery system enables business houses to meet those customer interests. In short, the company website and online trade transactions would certainly assist the company to maintain a potential customer network which would contribute to the expansional notions of the Broadway Cafe. As we saw, in order to make the company website and customer network it is necessary to pass through different phases of Software Development Life Cycle. According to Prasad (2009), SDLC phases include software requirements engineering, software design, implementation, testing, and maintenance (p.27). In the software requirements engineering phase, the Broadway Cafe must explore its actual needs and it would assist the software developers to prepare a Software Requirements Specifications (SRS) document. This gathered data must be deeply analyzed in order to check the functionality of the software. In the case of the Broadway Cafe, elements such as products and services offered by the company are the potential requirements. In other words, software design phase covers “development of the architecture, design of the algorithms, and data structures” (Prasad, 2009, p.29). These processes are completely carried out on the basis of identified software requirements. The implementation phase involves conversion of design into code; designers and programmers combinedly work in this stage. The testing phase is very complex and involves too much time. This process ensures that the developed software adequately meets its performance standards. Finally, software is put into application under maintenance phase and it is continuously monitored by project development team for a certain period. While exercising this wireless network, the company cannot ensure the quality of goods as it may be damaged during transit to destination. Since the company is using shipping facilities to deliver the ordered goods, it is not possible to ensure the timely delivery to customers. However, these pitfalls can be bridged if the Broadway Cafe implements some effective tools. It is advisable to develop special features that would secure the network form software hackers. It would be beneficial for the company to receive payment through credit card method only because it involves more degree of safety. Similarly, once a customer transacts with the company, he must be given a particular ID and password; this procedure would add to the safety features of the network. Conclusion The above discussion reveals that SDLC and MIS play a crucial role in determining the organizational performance. Although, there are some limitations associated with these concepts, they can be avoided by the application of well formulated management policies. Reference Prasad, K. V. K. K. (2004). Software Testing Tools: Covering Win Runner, Silk Test, Load Runner, J Meter, Test Director and QTP with case studies. New Delhi: Dreamtech Press. Rego, A. J. (2001). National disaster management information systems & networks: an Asian overview. GDIN. Retrieved from Read More
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