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Networks, Telecommunications and Wireless Computing - Research Paper Example

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The paper “Networks, Telecommunications and Wireless Computing” examines M-Coupons, which are electronic coupons could be transferred straightly to customer’s cell phones or devices. Additionally, this kind of e-coupons can be in form of buy-one-get-one-free of charge products…
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Networks, Telecommunications and Wireless Computing
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Download file to see previous pages In view of the fact that at the present, mobile marketing is an influential method to communicate with clients. Thus, banks, television stations and a number of other businesses are making use of mobile marketing campaigns. Additionally, with the facility of text messaging, businesses are able to influence mobile user/client to change their products (Chaudhry, 2011) and (Munson, 2011).
In addition, M-coupons are an improved form of business marketing as compared to customary paper-based coupons for the reason that sometimes customers are not able to keep remember to bring paper coupons from home, on the other hand, the majority of mobile phone users keeps their mobile/cell phones with them for all time consequently there is no way they forget or misplace the coupons. In addition, with paper coupons people require cutting as well as clipping them; however, M-coupons can simply be stored into phones. Moreover, they can be erased from the phone besides they have been utilized. M-coupons are also helpful in decreasing paper wastage and save the atmosphere. M-coupons are also helpful to the business corporations for attracting new clients and get more profit. Furthermore, M-coupons are inexpensive simply traceable and have improved deliverance rate contrasted to paper-based coupons (Chaudhry, 2011) and (Munson, 2011).
There are various risks associated with mobile marketing and m-coupons. In this scenario, most serious issues include privacy issues like that message abuse and how to attain mass distribution. In addition, as compared to traditional email service where people are able to fundamentally spam their society with paper coupons both email and m-coupons necessitate the consumers to offer authorization or "opted into" them-coupon campaign (InfoSys Server, 2010).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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