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The Case of Mars Bar - Research Paper Example

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This report aims at conducting a qualitative marketing research with respect to different attributes of the chocolate bar, Mars. The researcher decided to investigate the preferences and thoughts of the consumers of chocolate with respect to the taste, packaging and advertisement of the Mars Bar. …
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The Case of Mars Bar
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Download file to see previous pages This is the major difference between the qualitative research methodology and quantitative research methodology. The major kinds of qualitative research include depth interviews, which are face to face, focus groups and other techniques. Moreover, video chats, video conferencing, voice chats, group chats and internet interviewing are also included in the qualitative researching techniques3, 4,5. 4. Methodology Applied In order to conduct a qualitative marketing research in this respect, the researcher of this study makes use of the findings resulting from the conduct of the following interviews and discussions: Online Focus Group Interviews; Face to Face – Depth Interviews; and Focus Group Interviews Online interviews are preferred in this study as they are cost saving and require no physical space where the interviewee and interviewer could meet. Moreover, they are flexible and conducting in a very short time without requiring significant arrangements6. The disadvantages of online interviews include distant conversation in which the participants are sometimes distracted and therefore lack interest and motivation to participate. On the other hand, in case of depth interviews, there is a benefit that both interviewer and interviewee are able to talk to each other at the same physical place and therefore both can have a better understanding of each other’s facial expressions and gestures. Moreover, the depth interviews result in more precise and accurate information as the interviewer is more able to comprehend what interviewee wants to say6,7. However, the analysis of data resulting from depth interviews takes a lot of time and it is also possible that the interview does not follow a particular standard. Lastly,...
Center of discussion in this paper is Mars Bar, a chocolate bar, which is manufactured by the company named Mars, Inc. The company began the production of the Mars chocolate back in 1932 in the UK. The chocolate bar, Mars is manufactured also in the United States of America and Canada and other parts of the world. Mars has introduced different varieties of its chocolate bars for different parts of the world while keeping in view the tastes and preferences of the people inhibiting there. In order to conduct a qualitative marketing research in this respect, the researcher of this study makes use of the findings resulting from the conduct of the following interviews and discussions:
• Online Focus Group Interviews;
• Face to Face – Depth Interviews; and
• Focus Group Interviews
The online interviews conducted in this study revealed that there are mixed perceptions among the consumers of chocolate as to their preferences and choices for chocolates. It can be observed from the online interviews that the participants showed high preference towards Mars Bar, except one. All the respondents who preferred eating Mars over other chocolate brands were of the opinion that the taste of the chocolate is the major motivating factor which makes them to prefer Mars. When asked about the packaging of the Mars Bar, one participant shared his views by saying that, “it does not matter what packaging or wrapper is being used to cover up the chocolate… it is all about what is inside the wrapper or packaging… the issue of thin foil is, in my opinion, not an issue at all.” Other participants were of the opinion that there is no need to change the packaging. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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