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The development process in Sweden reflects the success and efficiency of the fiscal policies of the government - Essay Example

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Employment in Sweden Unemployment is in fact a universal problem that can be traced in almost all countries of the world. It is one of the problems that hinder the economic development of any country. Once diagnosed in any economy, unemployment should be confronted with a set of strategies and plans to minimize its destructive effects on the economy of a given country…
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The development process in Sweden reflects the success and efficiency of the fiscal policies of the government
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Extract of sample "The development process in Sweden reflects the success and efficiency of the fiscal policies of the government"

Download file to see previous pages The United Nations Development Program has developed several indicators to assess and analyze the economic and employment status of the various countries of the world. The HDI and the HPI are examples of the human development indicators that are developed to give a notion about a country’s economic variables, such as poverty, human development, and unemployment. However, those indicators are not fully informative because they sometimes disregard some of the important criteria of development. For example, an HDI or an HPI of a certain country may not take into account the economic gap between the various sectors of the society of that country. In other words, there may be discrepancy between human development indicators and other indicators of poverty distribution, such as the Gini coefficient and the Lorenz curve. Thus, in this research paper, the development process in Sweden will be deeply analyzed, using the UNDP development indicators in addition to the other economic indicators. In order for the analysis of development in Sweden to be clear and objective, it will be compared to the development processes in other countries, from various continents. ...
, Africa, Central Europe and South Asia: Egypt Life expectancy at birth (years) (HDI), 2002 70.7 Adult literacy rate (% ages 15 and above) (HDI), 2002 91.0 GDP per capita (PPP US$) (HDI), 2002 3,580 Education index 0.85 Human development index (HDI) value, 2002 0.735 HDI Rank 120 Human poverty index (HPI-1) Rank 20 Human Poverty Index (HPI-1) Value (%) 12.0 Paraguay Life expectancy at birth (years) (HDI), 2002 70.7 Adult literacy rate (% ages 15 and above) (HDI), 2002 91.6 1 GDP per capita (PPP US$) (HDI), 2002 4,610 Education index 0.85 Human development index (HDI) value, 2002 0.751 HDI Rank 89 Human poverty index (HPI-1) Rank 15 Human Poverty Index (HPI-1) Value (%) 10.6 Mozambique Life expectancy at birth (years) (HDI), 2002 38.5 Adult literacy rate (% ages 15 and above) (HDI), 2002 46.5 GDP per capita (PPP US$) (HDI), 2002 1,050 Education index 0.45 Human development index (HDI) value, 2002 0.354 HDI Rank 171 Human poverty index (HPI-1) Rank 89 Human Poverty Index (HPI-1) Value (%) 49.8 Sweden : Life expectancy at birth (years) (HDI), 2002 80.0 Adult literacy rate (% ages 15 and above) (HDI), 2002 .. 1 GDP per capita (PPP US$) (HDI), 2002 26,050 Education index 0.99 Human development index (HDI) value, 2002 0.946 HDI Rank 2 Human poverty index (HPI-2) Rank 1 Human poverty index (HPI-2) Value (%) 6.5 Thailand Life expectancy at birth (years) (HDI), 2002 69.1 Adult literacy rate (% ages 15 and above) (HDI), 2002 92.6 GDP per capita (PPP US$) (HDI), 2002 7,010 Education index 0.86 Human development index (HDI) value, 2002 0.768 HDI Rank 76 Human poverty index (HPI-1) Rank 22 Human Poverty Index (HPI-1) Value (%) 13.1 Therefore, from the above tables, one can get an idea about some important development indicators, such as GDP, life expectance, and adult illiteracy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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