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Analysis of the Management of the Employment Relationship in Sweden - Term Paper Example

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The current paper focuses on the examination and the analysis of the management of the employment relationship in Sweden. The aspects and the effects of it are examined in this paper trying to highlight the facts that led to Sweden’s current model of employment. …
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Analysis of the Management of the Employment Relationship in Sweden
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Download file to see previous pages The examination of Sweden’s existing model of employment has led to the assumption that this model’s various parts need to be aligned and appropriately customized to current market trends – referring not only the Swedish market but also to the global marketplace; otherwise, the viability of the Swedish employment model in the long term would be set under question.
In general, the Swedish system of employment relations presents similarities with the relevant systems of other North European countries; this issue was set under examination by Barkbu et al. (2003); the above researchers compared a series of coordination indices for Norway and Sweden; it was revealed that ‘a considerable similarity exists between the two countries in terms of the estimated effects of macroeconomic variables on unemployment’ (Barkbu et al., 2003, p.37). The above finding indicates the dependency of employment on the geographic and financial characteristics of a particular region – taking into consideration the fact that the economies of the countries under examination, Norway and Sweden, are almost equally developed; in geographic terms also the two countries have many common characteristics. In Sweden the government has treated the management of the employment relationship extremely carefully; this trend is reflected primarily to the public sector of Sweden, which ‘developed an almost worldwide reputation during the first three decades after the Second World War’ (Derlien et al., 2008, p.268); it is through the employment system in the country’s public sector that assumptions can be made for the governmental policies in Sweden in regard to employment in general – a practice common in most countries worldwide.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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