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The Limits of Cultural Globalization in the World - Essay Example

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Globalization can be defined as a way through which companies move from the native countries and start their operations in other countries. It entails several aspects like operations, products among others. It can be identified as a means through which companies avail their services in many countries. …
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The Limits of Cultural Globalization in the World
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Extract of sample "The Limits of Cultural Globalization in the World"

Download file to see previous pages In recent times, the desire for companies to attain globalization has been on the rise. Going international makes many companies discover new markets. In the technology industry, this trend has been extensively used as there are remarkably few companies within this industry who do not have an international market share (Wolf, 2004). The demand for technological advancement can be identified as the global feature driving these companies towards globalization. For a long time, the establishment of global business has been a subject of discussion. Many companies were opposed to the idea but have slowly started integrating globalization. Though quantifiable results of globalization have not been seen, the idea remains an attractive one for most corporations in the 21st century. The companies aim at achieving global recognition while creating a wider market for their products. Blackberry is an American phone manufacturing company whose products are available globally. The Blackberry brand was invented in 1999 the Research In Motion Company. Through this brand, the company has been able to reach out to millions of clients around the world. ...
ntinent through the marketing done by these continental offices (Danielle, 2010) Theoretical framework Globalization has been seen, in recent years, as a way through which companies become international. The aim of globalization, among many companies, can be identified as gaining recognition as well as a market space in the international community. Before pursuing the globalization venture companies try to analyze the numerous activities that might be involved. This normally included reviewing how other global companies within the same industry are undertaking the same strategy. A comparison of the benefits and the costs to be incurred comes at the core of such venture (Wolf, 2004). There are numerous attractions for companies to globalize their activities. Foreign sales can be identified as one of the considerations which companies apply before globalization. The economies of different nations keep on fluctuating due to inadequate policies or political activities. Through globalization, the effects of these fluctuations become minimized. Companies, which are global, may recover losses incurred in one country from good sales attained in another country (Smith, 2007). This makes many companies, which have the capability, to desire to venture into the global market. The global market offers security during times of economic recession. When one economy may be experiencing recession another one might be on the rise. Companies with the presence in both economies can be able to maintain a balance through ensuring that losses incurred on one side are recovered in another. It creates a stabilizing effect on the sales volumes achieved by the company. A company may also realize an increase in its global market as a result of globalization. Globalization may be applied as not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "The Limits of Cultural Globalization in the World" is quite often seen among the tasks in college. Still, this document opens a brand new perspective of seeing the issue. I’ll use the idea for my own document.

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