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Culture and Business - Essay Example

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: University: Culture and Business This is a study set out to discuss culture and business. More specifically, it will consider the issue of culture and the influence it has on business practices on the Indian scenario. There is a bias in focus, and the study restricts itself on Hinduism, Brahmanism and Buddhism…
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Culture and Business
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Download file to see previous pages Brahmans are a minority group in India despite their holding of high positions in the society. They are mostly found in the southern area of India and they hold the tradition of plastering their houses using red earth close to their hearts. Traditionally, Brahmans were tremendously influential even when it came to leading religious rituals. Most of these people (Brahmans) are hugely influential business-persons, moneylenders, land owners and government employees. Of essence, also, is for any business person to note that these people do not take the issue of ritual pollution very lightly. They are very conscious when it comes to the ritual pollution of their food and homes. To this, they prohibit entry to their kitchens by other persons (especially from lower castes). They may not involve themselves in plowing or handle any ‘impure’ material as per the taboos set by their tradition. They are also vegetarian. Brahmans are not particularly impactful when it comes to the Indian business system due to the fact that they are a minority group, however. (, 2011) Lastly, but not least, one should to note that these people do not have a tradition of drinking alcohol. It is also generally considered a sign of disrespect to touch a client with one’s feet and doing so should prompt an apology. ...
(Warner, 2003 p69) Buddhism forms its basis on the Siddhartha Gautama teachings, which are called ‘Buddha’. Buddha means the enlightened one and Buddhism set in on the Indian soil in approximately 560 B.C. its main aim was to seek relief for the suffering of humans. Buddhists are vegetarians and thus, do not advocate for animal killing. Businesswise, Buddhism has had its share of impact on India through their beliefs. Their mission as Buddhists is to uphold the right of livelihood for humans in the business context. Thus, in generic terms they are usually against any company that has no care for both animals and the environment. (, 2011) Hinduism Hinduism though looked at as the last in this study, is the main religion in India and it forms a group of religious traditions that have been in India for a while. These were witnessed in this nation in the period covering 3000-1500 B.C. In the most recent times, about 780 million people are affiliated to this religion. Hinduism is viewed to be more of an approach given to the universe as opposed to theologically. Businesswise, they have impacted on the Indian system in a great way. Two main observations are possible when it comes to this religion and business; they (Hindus) have a positive kind of attitude while business is concerned and creating wealth is also another core factor to what they believe in. It should be noted, though, that wealth creation is not their major goal when it comes to business. Salvation and ethics, which they refer to as moksha and dharma respectively is their prime goals in business. (, 2011) If one is a business person from foreign and is seeking to do business in India, there are several things to note. This is with specific ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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