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Analysis of the individual causes of the problem on the production system of Toyota - Essay Example

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The paper begins with an insight into the problem, and a review of literature. It then proceeds to outline a practical approach that can be employed to conduct the research and come up with the final deliverable. It also gives a detailed Work Plan…
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Analysis of the individual causes of the problem on the production system of Toyota
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Extract of sample "Analysis of the individual causes of the problem on the production system of Toyota"

Download file to see previous pages Toyota is one of the best known automobile manufacturing companies in the world. Toyota however went into crises last year due to some technical problems that are related to its operations management systems.Two million cars were recalled because of defects. The defects have been traced to the production lines and the company has announced that the problem can be solved if cars with defects are sent for repairs with authorized dealers.So far, 77 complaints have been lodged in the Japan and about 100 in the United States. About 7 different brands are due for mass recall in Mexico as well. There have been mass recalls of some of the cars that are affected by these defects.The defects are related to accelerator pedals and out of position floor mats. This causes the accelerator system to jam and leads to overspeeding which can and have caused accidents in Japan, United States and Mexico. Preliminary research has shown that the overspeeding does not happen suddenly but gradually, and it is not connected to the electronic systems of the affected cars.
Clearly, the problem with these defective Toyota cars can be traced to the production systems of the manufacture of these cars. This research is a proposal on a diagnostic system for the analysis of the operations management system of the defective cars and a diagnosis of the source of the problems in the manufacturing system.
The aim of the research is the diagnose and identify the cause of the defects in the Toyota cars affected by the accelerator system problems.
Objectives: The objectives of the research is to: 1. Examine the normal manufacturing and quality control systems used by Toyota in the United States, Japan and Mexico (the affected countries of the problem). 2. Analysis of the research, design and manufacturing lapses that are responsible for the accelerator defects in the cars in question and the failure of quality control to detect the problems. 3. The scope of the problem and future implications of these problems in the production line of Toyota and analysis of best way of solving the problems at hand. Literature Review The case of Toyota indicates that there were numerous levels of problems and challenges that hit the company. Hiles (2011 p582) gives a series of empirical evidence that is collated from the Kelley Blue Book Survey which shows the impact of the recalls on various levels to Toyota. These affected the customers, suppliers, the worth of vehicles and dealers. Competitors also increased interest in their brands due to Toyota's lapses. Although one might be tempted to think that the problem of Toyota was mainly an Operations Management problem, these outstanding statistics and facts show that the problem had a knock-on effect on the various stakeholder interests of Toyota. This is because the nature of the car manufacturing industry is such that the engineering systems and operations are at the core of the activities of a given entity. And due to the potential fatal effect of any mistake or error in manufacturing, a car manufacturer needs to take care to ensure that the best is done to ensure that cars parts and assembling lines do the right thing to prevent defects. Thus the scope of the problem and any effort to rectify it will mean correcting the lapses in the operations of Toyota and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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