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Organisational behaviour is a learning and application process of acquaintances regarding how populace, folks and groups operate within the organization…
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Organisational Behaviour Individual Case Study Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages It helps in perceiving ideas about organization, groups and individual employees involved in the organisational structure. Thus, the concept is often considered as a parameter pertaining to the explanation, understanding, forecasting and calculation of human behaviour in an organization (Pomsuwan, 2007). In order to access the individual or group performance in an organization, certain areas are primarily focused which include personality, perception, attitudes, job satisfaction, group dynamics, politics, leadership, job design, culture, communication chain, stress of work, and decision-making power that tend to influence the employees’ behaviour at large (Rollinson, 2008). This paper intends to present an understanding of the concept of organisational behaviour and its influences on the employees in case of mergers and acquisitions. Based on a case study scenario of David Orton and Cost Wise, the discussion in this paper also aims at identifying the various issues faced by the organizations and its employees due to structural changes as a result of acquisition. 2.0. Methodology Organisational behaviour is also known as organizational science which encompasses a prearranged study and cautious relevance of knowledge about how people operate in an organization. ...
s which are considered in this regards are employee morale, job satisfaction, absenteeism rate, salary issues and various other inter as well as intra organisational conflicts. The approach considered for this project tends to be purely qualitative based on an objective-oriented research design. The data collected for this study majorly includes journals, books, articles related to the research issue and similar other relevant secondary sources. In order to gather primary data, interviews were conducted with the former employees of Cost Wise and the management personnel of David Orton. Observation technique was also used to identify the various dimensions of the work culture within the organisation from September 2011 to November 2011. In addition, staff visits have also been considered in this study to support the views of the other staffs associated with a similar industry. As often noted by researchers, mergers and acquisitions not only affects the organisational structure and the financial operations, but also influences the employees’ needs at the basic level (Salame, 2006). To conclude on this prediction, the analysis of the data collected will be based on the Maslow’s Need Hierarchy so as to determine the gap between the employees’ interest in these two companies before and after the merger. 3.0. Findings 3.1. Motivational States of Cost Wise Employees Motivation is typically referred as the forces that account for the arousal, selection, direction and continuation of behaviour. These forces act as foundations for enhancing both individual and organizational needs and can be better described by Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs model. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is often depicted as a pyramid consisting of five levels. The first four levels are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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