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Business analysis of Galway Bay Seafood - Essay Example

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Professor Number Date Galway Bay Seafoods Introduction Galway Bay Seafoods was founded in the year 1950 by the father of Noel Holland. After his father, Noel Holland took up complete control of the business. The business in its early years was sold off by Johnny and Noel then bought the business…
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Business analysis of Galway Bay Seafood
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Download file to see previous pages Having knowledge and passion to do something is not considered to be enough in today’s era. Family and traditional businesses may be strong but Galway Sea Foods have always focused towards remaining up to date and also ahead of the current happenings. Galway Sea foods have a modern business structure; it has worked upon maintaining its customer base as the customers are there main source of earning profits (About Us). Strengths The other strengths of the business are that it has smoking facilities along with state of the art processing areas. The investment on the Galway Seafood centre can be reflected on the customer’s face when they visit the store as great with great concentration and focus the interior has been designed for the store. Galway Sea Foods has an online shop that is used for the purpose of purchasing at the international level. It has a retail centre that has earned awards for providing seafood. Galway Sea Foods has invented the first seafood academy related to cooking in Ireland. Noel Holland states that Galway Sea Foods is highly important and valuable for him and they work hard towards making the customers feel important and valued while serving them. He really cherishes on the thought that the business is valuable because of retaining old customers and also attracting new customers too (Welcome to Galway Bay Seafoods). Seafood Centre The seafood centre is where the customer of Galway Sea Foods ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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