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Business analysis of TAM: Introduction, The TAM customers, Conclusion - Case Study Example

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The study seeks to answer the questions: How can we restore the attractiveness and power of the TAM brand for major customers so they aren’t lured away by low-cost, low-quality competitors? What can we do about lost sales due to poor customer service by outside “contract” sales staff?…
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Business analysis of TAM: Introduction, The TAM customers, Conclusion
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Download file to see previous pages According to the research findings the main problem that is being faced by TAM is due to loss of motivation and no such attachment of the Contract sales staff with the company as a result of which they have reduced their efforts in making sales and approaching new clients. Contract sales staff put forward a lot of reasons for reduced motivation levels and performance degradation from their side. They claim that initially the transportation and fuel cost were affordable and they managed but the price hikes in fuel cost have really burdened them. This hike costs them a lot and is expensive for them even to visit not so distant customers and clients. Also what bother them is that the online orders placed through their efforts and persuasion’ they are not rewarded for them as there is lack of communication. To solve these problems and issues being raised by the Contract staff TAM should take measure as this is causing them to lose a lot of valuable customers and also the fact that they cannot avail on opportunities to capture new interested clients who complain that no approach has still been made to them. Solutions for these issues will look relatively costly upfront but in the longer run will be beneficial aswell as financially profitable for TAM. TAM should firstly introduce certain benchmark which each employee is expected to achieve. Any contractual staff that achieves that benchmark shall be rewarded with a bonus which shall be monetary and shall be given a morale lift as he’ll be appreciated by senior management staff personally. Also for staff which is performing well and achieving his goals, an opportunity for being permanent would be created which shall motivate every contract staff as this opportunity promises job security and a higher pay scale. Taking all these measure insures that such a sales force is created which shall work for the benefit of company as the company gives importance to them and appreciates their good work by rewarding them and aswell as providing them with opportunities promising a secure future. 2. How can we restore the attractiveness and power of the TAM brand for major customers so they aren’t lured away by low-cost, low-quality competitors? TAM is known for its quality and it has established itself as the provider and producer of blends which are of highest quality and have exotic taste. Keeping this persona that TAM brand has maintained over the years it should keep its emphasis on quality rather than reduced price while retaining its loyal customer base. To do firstly a need for market research has to be conducted to obtain figures showing a comparison between the prices and quality of tea. If the result show a direct proportional relationship between the price and quality than a need for marketing campaign arises which proves superiority of TAM flavors and blends over other lower priced and lower quality competitors in the market. As a result the actual customer having a taste and crave for quality tea would become aware of our brand as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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