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Diversity And Equality At Work: Opportunities And Challenges - Essay Example

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Diversity in the workplace is defined as the people working from various different educational backgrounds; different religions and races, having different types of beliefs and values, and all these differences are accepted in a professional manner…
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Diversity And Equality At Work: Opportunities And Challenges
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Download file to see previous pages The efficiency level and the productivity level can increase to a great extent at the workplace if the element of diversity is managed and valued in the right perspective (Cox, 2011). Challenges of Diversity Maintaining and valuing diversity has many challenges involved in its concept. It is not a matter of just acknowledging the differences amongst the people in the organization, the differences need to be recognized, accepted and valued by the entire organization. Each and every member in the organization plays a role in recognizing and valuing the differences of any type amongst the work force in the organization. Maintaining equality amongst a diversified workforce is a very difficult task. Discrimination of any type such as ethnicity, colour, race, religion need to be eliminated from the workplace and the element of bonding and togetherness needs to be promoted within the workplace (Pilhofer, 2011). Other challenges are dealing with the attitudes of different employees. If employees have negative attitudes, they can act as obstacles towards building a healthy relationship within a diversified organization. Workplace diversity can be affected causing the morale level of employees to go down and also may harm the level of productivity for the organization (Bagshaw, 2004). In a diversified organization, there is language competency and skills issue pertaining and acting as a barrier towards building a strong multicultural organization. The training programs being conducted in the organization may be misinterpreted by the employees and this may lead to further obstacles in the organization (Cox, 2011). To overcome such issues, the organization needs to ensure that they communicate the definition of diversity amongst the employees in an effective and convincing manner (Bagshaw, 2004). Maintaining Workforce diversity Maintaining the workforce diversity and equality in the workplace is important for all organizations as by managing the workforce diversity and equality, the organization can maintain a peaceful work environment for their human resources. By maintaining workforce diversity and equality, the organization can gain a strong competitive edge in the market. Diversified workforce needs to be carefully managed by the top management and they need to ensure that equality is practiced in its fullest sense amongst a diversified workforce (Hartel, 2004). The organization needs to ensure that the human resource management functions actively for the organization regarding the issues of diversity. The human resource managers should know how to tackle workforce diversity effectively. Organization environment should be motivating and satisfactory for the employees so that they can feel comfortable while working. All the standards for the performance must have a set criterion without any biasness of any type. The criteria should state the acceptable and unacceptable behaviours of employees at the workplace. The diversity strategies being implemented by the management should be according to the culture of the organization so that the results attained can be successful for the firm (Cox, 2011). By ensuring proper training programs in the workforce, the dilemmas that are faced by diversity can be minimized to a large extent. The perceptions of the employees related towards the issues of diversity needs to be addressed in such a way so that it removes all doubts and any conflicting issue from the mind’s of the employees (Billy, 2011). Intercultural communication tactics will help in managing a diversified workforce. The cultural differences that are present amongst the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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