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This piece of research paper explains what diversity climate in an organization is. This paper attempts to design a model with methods and procedures to analyze diversity and to implement the results in a cultural diversity training program.   …
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Diversity climate in an organization
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Download file to see previous pages This paper illustrates that successfully managing an organization especially in today’s increasingly diverse workforce has become one of the most challenges faced by management and corporate leaders in recent years. Human capital is the most valuable and powerful asset and therefore it has been found that effectively managing the human resources is extremely critical to organizational success. Managing diversity climate effectively is one of the most significant elements of effective managing of the human capital as it can help the organization increase the productivity of its workforce, make them fully satisfied and highly committed to the job as well.  Diversity refers to the attributes and aspects that can be considered to be salient to an employer making him think that he is different from another individual. Gender, racio-ethnicity, nationality, age etc are some of the attributes that create and influence diversity within the organization. Diversity happens in an organization where its members’ have attitudes and perception towards people from cultural groups other than their own. Herdman and McMillan-Capehart described that diversity referred to the degree of inter-organizational representation of people in a way that different groups are inter-affiliated of cultural significance. A plurality of perspectives and experiences prevail in diversity climate and it serves as the strategic resource to the organization securing a competitive advantage.   They viewed diversity climate as an opportunity and a resource that the managers can turn them better strategy to increase organizational performance and achieve sustainable competitive advantage if the management is successful in managing it.
As Garcia and Hoelscher (2010, p. 23) detailed, there are four different themes when it comes to diversity climate, they are:
Perceptions of degree between group conflicts and a mind set to accept others,
Level of institutional commitment to the diversity in the organization,
Fairness, like lack of institutional bias, and
A very generalized atmosphere for getting and giving respect each others.
As today’s workforce has become increasingly diverse, diversity management has gained considerable attention and has emerged to be an important element of larger business strategy that can help an organization improve organizational competitiveness and effectiveness. As Hur, Strickland and Stefanovic (2009, p. 501) noted, many large organizations have recently given greater emphasis on identifying, considering and implementing varieties of practices that are designed and developed to foster better diversity business environment as well as to combat discrimination and all other legal risks in the workplace.
Where diversity climate persists, there will be shared perceptions regarding the ways things are around there. Employees in such circumstances will be able to retrieve information from salient stimuli so that they can describe and interpret their work environment. They also can integrate the perceptions of unique workplace conditions and events in to quite a broader perceptions of organizational climate.
A strategic method to analyze diversity climate
There can be different cultural groups and people from different ethnic background in any organization. the workforce today is getting too much diverse. Diversity climate, as mentioned above, is the perception and attitude of people towards the culture of people other than their own. In a diversity culture, people are mentally capable of accepting other culture, groups and ethnic behaviors, rather than their ow ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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