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What does it mean to be human What makes one human - Essay Example

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The ancient humans walked and climbed trees. This flexibility aided them in adaptation to changing climates and to have diversity in their habitats. These people butchered animals many years ago. They also made spears that were used in hunting large animals…
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What does it mean to be human What makes one human
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What does it mean to be human What makes one human

Download file to see previous pages... The early humans scattered to different environments where their sizes and shapes evolved helping them adapt to the climatic conditions. The change in their diets brought about the change in their sizes and shapes. Due to the harsh conditions of weather the ancient man faced, their brains became more complex and large to deal with the challenges. The aspect of food sharing, networking and taking care of young ones helped these people tackle their challenges. Symbols transformed the manner in which humans lived and brought new ways to tackle the changing world (American Anthropology Association, pp.385) What does it take to become human? What is about to be discussed in this paper will answer the question adequately. The origin of human tackles the important aspect of the question. To know how to be human is partially what it is to be human not only as common species but unique persons. To answer this question is a process that involves adaptions to change in climate, geographic expansions and stops at Homo sapiens. If an individual was to walk through exhibitions in Sant Ocean room, one would go through a tunnel which draws back one in time, making an individual have a rough idea of life may looked like for extinct human species. To start with is a panel that outlines the relationship between climate change and human evolution. Contradicting the idea of humans evolving in reaction to an ancestral environment or change in climate, it has been suggested that the adaptation hypothesis to change in climate in itself had implications on human evolution (Goldsmith and Rabinowich, pp.2) The first argument to the question about what makes us human will be done by relation of context and background on which humans fit tree-life. There is a human tree that has been generalized that feature the widely accepted early human extinct species grouped into four main categories, with 5 skulls and family tree of the primate illustrating how DNA association shows our relationships to those living primates. Apart from that evidence, there is an astonishing display of a constructed full body of 3.1 million year old, most probably the early fossils of the Australopithecus. Instead of collecting evidence on the question of discussion, the display takes a very unique approach in the organization of evidence to human character; the things that make humans unique. This is inclusive of walking on two legs and upright, eating other new foods, use of new tools, body size and shape changes, complex and large brains, unique aspect of the social life and symbolism and language. The characteristics define the display organized in a chronological order like walking followed by making stone tools, followed by changes in the body shape and size of humans, with evidence of evolution and origin of every characteristic inclusive of interactives, touchables, videos and object. Some other evidence that can answer the question at stake in the gallery is the snap shots. The interactive, dynamic, large screen occurrences allow individuals to go into the pre historic sites and explore an indication on what took place. How do people know their past? The question is common for science such as paleoanthropology and a topic for human origins hall. How do people know? There are labels everywhere around the exhibit; answers are provided for common question on how the fossils are known to be human, knowing of fossils age, knowing of changes in climate in the ancient period. Every label is inclusive of what the exhibit mean in science. Among the objectives of exhibition is presentation of evidence on human evolution. A close computer specialist allows individuals to have an intensive exploration of the differences and similarities among ancient ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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