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Business report on Emaar Properties PJSC - Essay Example

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Emaar Properties PJSC is a Dubai based Public Joint Stock Company which was incorporated in 1997 and since has established itself in the global market…
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Business report on Emaar Properties PJSC
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Download file to see previous pages It has not just shaped landscapes and built homes but also has developed and master-planned value added communities that has been able to satisfy the lifestyle needs of a diverse customers. Emaar Properties today is the leader in real estate and construction sector in The Emirate. Today the company has its presence globally which is a result of its expansion strategy. The company has expanded geographically and at the same time has been able to segment its business into numerous industries (, 2010). The numerous business segments of Emaar Properties are: Emaar Hotels & Resorts Emaar Commercial Leasing Emaar Technologies Emaar Retail Emaar Malls Group Emaar Hospitality Group Emaar International was launched in 2004 to diversify the business. With this strategic move the company has been able to sustain the growth as it is not dependent on a single market. Even though the company’s main focus is North Africa, Middle East and the Indian subcontinent the company has its presence in UK, US and other western countries (, 2010). The following diagram shows the company’s global presence: (, 2007) This report is targeted analysing the organization’s basic legal, social, and economic environments....
It is very important as it defines the framework under which an organization must operate. As Emaar Properties is operational in numerous countries, the company must look into each country independently and understand the legal environment in the specific country. Emaar Properties has done well to adapt to legal environments of different countries. It has made necessary changes to its organizational structure to abide by the laws in each country. With respect to the parent country, Emaar Properties has been able establish a strong relationship with the government of UAE. The legal system in UAE has accommodated both modern and classical concepts. It has a modern legal structure and at the same time has been able to keep the traditional values intact. The government of UAE has promoted and tried to reform the overall structure of the country with intent to providing the citizens with modern amenities at an affordable cost and the best services. Emaar Properties has aligned its business model on these lines which has helped it to achieve great success in a short time. Emaar Property’s business model is aimed at providing the best services at effective prices to the citizens. Its numerous services such as building of homes, community centres, hospitality, malls, education, etc have all contributed to the development of the country and hence, the company has received full backing from the government. Emaar Properties has a partnership with the government wherein 32% of the shares in the company is held by the government. This has tremendously helped the company to understand and tackle any legal issues. This also shows how the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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