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The researcher uses chemical properties of oxygen gas, carbon dioxide gas, and hydrogen gas to identify the gases after they were produced. During the laboratory preparation of gases, the generation test tubes were completely filled with chemicals to ensure that the resultant gases were not mixed with air. …
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Properties of Gases
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"Properties of Gases"

Download file to see previous pages When the water in the pipette bulb had been completely displaced by hydrogen, the pipette was removed in an inverted position, and a thumb was placed over its opening to keep any gaseous content from escaping. A match was lit, and a small portion of the pipette content was squeezed into the flame from a distance of about 1 cm. Observations were made, and the results were recorded. The wide-neck pipette bulb was marked with a marker pen on the outside into three equal parts. The marked pipette bulb was filled with water, inverted and was set onto the gas generation tube. When about two thirds of the bulb was occupied with the produced gas, the bulb was removed while in an inverted position. The pipette bulb was set with its mouth facing down into one of the wells of the 24-well plate for later use. The test tube was disassembled and was rinsed well with water. Preparation and test for oxygen gas Few pieces of Manganese metal were placed into a second test tube. Enough of 3% Hydrogen peroxide was added to fill the test tube almost to the top. A rubber stopper with plastic gas delivery tube through its center was inserted into the test tube, and the test tube was placed into a well of the 24-well plate. The test tube was wedged into a straight position by use of a paper tissue. The reaction was observed, and the observation was recorded. A comparison was made between the reaction in the first part of the experiment and the reaction in the second part of the experiment. Another wide-neck pipette bulb was completely filled with water. The pipette was inverted and was placed on the delivery tube of the test tube. When the water had been completely displaced by the produced gas in the collection pipette,...
The paper describes the procedure of preparation and test for such gases: Hydrogen, Oxygen, carbon Dioxide, Mixture of hydrogen and oxygen. Properties of gases were used to identify various gases. Hydrogen gas, carbon dioxide gas, and oxygen gas were prepared, and their properties were investigated in this experiment. The reaction of zinc metal and dilute hydrochloric acid produced hydrogen gas which was collected by the upward delivery method, over the surface of water. Hydrogen gas produced a ‘pop’ sound when it was burned in air. Hydrogen peroxide liquid decomposed into oxygen gas and water in the presence of manganese dioxide. Oxygen gas was collected by the downward displacement of water method, over the surface of water. Gas generator test tubes were filled with chemicals almost to the top to ensure that the generated gases were not mixed with air. The ability to relight a glowing splint was the major chemical property of oxygen that was used in its identification. The mixture of hydrogen and oxygen was found to burn explosively with the formation of water vapor. The reaction between sodium bicarbonate and white vinegar produced carbon dioxide gas and water. The gas was collected by down ward delivery method because it was heavier than air. Carbon dioxide gas formed a white suspension with limewater due to the formation of insoluble calcium carbonate. Carbon dioxide gas also extinguished a burning wooden toothpick which was evident that it does not support combustion. Carbon dioxide gas also turned the green Bromothymol blue into a yellow color. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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