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To evaluate the feasibility of a Thai restaurant in Brighton that promotes healthier eating - Essay Example

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Before we take up a business venture, we need to verify the background and theory that we can base the foundations of our venture in. it is necessary to evaluate the practicability as well as the ethics of the idea. That will be the first step of our work…
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To evaluate the feasibility of a Thai restaurant in Brighton that promotes healthier eating
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Extract of sample "To evaluate the feasibility of a Thai restaurant in Brighton that promotes healthier eating"

Download file to see previous pages The Phenomenological approach studies the life experiences of an individual and derives meaning from them. The realism approach believes that the truth exists independent of human existence, and can be experienced through our experiences and sensations. On the other hand, the Positivism ideology states that the facts that can be scientifically and objectively verified are the only one we should be able to trust.
Given that this study wishes to evaluate the desires and opinions of a large group of people, it was believed the Positivist research would serve best in this case. The use of objective data – gathered using an empirical perspective – makes the process more verifiable and thus, valid. It also controls for biases that we may have that could lead us astray in making our decisions. There are a number of approaches to research, and each brings a number of techniques to the table.
The decision to use an objective method instead of a subjective one (quantative data instead of qualitative) may be based on the fact that the questions asked by this study pertained to the general opinion of a large group; and not the detailed opinions of a few individuals. Numerical data is more representative of a large population that qualitative data.
This is a Deductive study, i.e. – one that verifies the facts in a given condition. This is in contrast to the other option of conducting an inductive study, which would be useful when developing theoretical concepts based on scientifically proven facts.
Research strategy  It is proposed that potential clientele be extensively surveyed in order to evaluate the need and demand for a restaurant serving healthy Thai food in Briton. The target population is individuals in the age group of 15-54 years who are primary decision makers when choosing an eating out destination. It was decided that this population be surveyed for their opinions. The process of a Survey was used in order to pick up the specific opinions of a large number of people and analyse the trends thereof (Stangor, 2010). According to the NHS (2009), this consists of approximately 153,000 people. Thus, a minimum sample size of a 100 respondents was chosen in a bid to gain some extent of representativeness. Systematically chosen respondents were chosen and encouraged to fill out the survey form (Kerlinger, 1986). They were given a description of the reasons for conducting the study, and were assured of the value of their inputs. Those respondents who were reluctant were not pressed, and the researcher passed on to interview the next chosen respondent. Data thus collected was analysed statistically to verify that any trends seen were not due to chance in order to draw conclusions (McBurney, 1996). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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