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Dian Fossey and Primatology and Her Role in Primatology - Term Paper Example

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The author analyzes Fossey’s contribution to gorilla conservation through her documentations and anti-poaching proposition. A focus on her general role in primatology is put into perspective. Diana Fossey is a reputable primatologist who did exceptional work in exploring the gorilla ecosystems. …
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Extract of sample "Dian Fossey and Primatology and Her Role in Primatology"

Download file to see previous pages Born on January 16, 1932, Dian Fossey is an all-time American Zoologist who focused on primate research in Africa (Rwanda). Her focus was on the gorillas. She was inspired and facilitated by Louis Leakey who made it possible for her research to move on smoothly. Her story is one that demonstrates passion and dedication to the activity. Her intimacy with the gorillas was a major breakthrough in dispelling myths that are spoken about these primates.

Fossey developed an interest in primate research out of her own interest. She first visited Nairobi, Kenya where she had a spectacular view of a very important part of Africa. She was led to places beyond Kenya, which is to Tanzania, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Zimbabwe. On her journey, she met Louis Leakey who introduced her to his works in archeology and expressed to her the need to study the primates. Fossey had an interest in the study of mountain gorillas. Her interest grew further making her learn the Swahili language as well as study more on primatology. In 1966, she landed in Nairobi after having obtained some funding to conduct her research (Hustad 1). Her journey to study primates was on.

In order to create a good rapport with the gorillas, Fossey had to establish a mechanism to attract them. In the initial stages, it was difficult to develop closeness with the animals that were probably afraid that their lives might be in danger. This made her develop a systematic approach in the way that she could handle the animals. He did not overlook some of the myths that had been put forward against primates; however, she had done some studies together with visiting the Gombe Stream Research Centre in Tanzania where Goodall was studying chimpanzees. The first approach adopted by Fossey was to mimic the actions made by the animals, an aspect that aroused the attention of the primates. In addition, she thought of making grunting sounds, this assured the animals and the rapport was being created slowly.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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