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Scientific Method and Primate Observation - Essay Example

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Name: University: Course: Professor: Date: Scientific Method and Primate Observation Introduction The study of primates is known as Primatology. Primatology deals with the study of the relationship between human beings and the primates. During this case study of primates, the researcher will study on many features that are exhibited by these primates in their habitat…
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Scientific Method and Primate Observation
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Scientific Method and Primate Observation

Download file to see previous pages... Checking on how the non human primates relate amongst themselves, the way of feeding after hunting and how they hunt for food on daily bases. How do the non human primates get the daily bread and how they share the food? What is the level of intelligence of the non human primates and their way of handling hard tasks? This is the way the primates simplify the tasks that they face on their daily lives. Non human primates like other primates that are the human beings they mate and reproduce. How do they mate? How do they care for their young ones? Non human primates have household responsibilities just like human beings the Homo sapiens. The males have the responsibility to cater for their families by providing food and security to the females and children. The non human primates have a much enhanced social life in that they are capable of organizing meeting and even scheming politics in their habitats. Relationships The non human primates exhibit team work in communities which have males, females and young ones. They live in a communal way that depicts the level of unity that is in the community of the primates. In this way, they are able to interact leading to a more social life hence more innovation to the young ones. This is the way the young ones get knowledge and skills on which to survive in their habitat (Brunch 30). In the communities, they live harmoniously and hence improved security within the community because when they are in groups they intimidate enemies hence scaring them away. But this is not the case with all primates. Under keen observation, some primates live solitary lives hence the case of security due to groups will not apply. When the primates live as individuals the factor of social skills that are with other primates will not be distributed fairly hence this is a disadvantage to the lone primates. On view from far in the cradle land of non human primates, the dangers are very many and prevalent at any time (Brunch 90). This gives rise to the importance of groups and communities within the primates that are security. Habitation and Food Hunting The primates are very funny animals in the way they live from their day to day lives. They do not show intention to have any specific habitation, but they modify temporary nests where they spend overnight. Monkeys abide in certain tree branches, but they do not make nests. This is shown by the nest's absence in the trees where they sleep overnight. In the search for food males go hunting and bring home food in the evening for females and young ones (Brunch 69). This is a major duty that they have prior to offering security and company to the females and young ones. The primates’ females take a major responsibility in educating the young ones on the best vegetation for their food. One will see the females even educating the young ones on the best tools to use for simplifying the hard tasks that they meet on their way. This gives the young ones knowledge on what is good for them and what is not edible for them (Fleagle 45). Most of these primates join in hunting and after the hunt they put the food and share it first to the young ones then to the females. Due to lack of knowledge about storage of food by the non human primates they do not store any food for future use but they live from hand to mouth. Therefore, they look for food each and every day so as to feed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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