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Scientists of Genetic Engineering Technology have been carrying out extensive researches with the aim of perfecting gene therapies…
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Is human genome editing inevitable
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Download file to see previous pages However, there have been worldwide debates regarding the ethical and legal aspects of human genome editing. So, this discussion is about the new molecular technique of CRISPRs, analyzing its present hype, benefits, and risks behind it. Moreover, the discussion traces critical perspectives of human genome editing and possibilities of this inevitable science in future. The analysis also justifies the ethical process and critically examines opinions of others on these emotive issues.
In the past few decades, genome editing methods have been successfully experimented on animals and in the field of agriculture. In that direction, recent advancements have increased the possibilities of experimentation with human genomes. However, the inefficiency of the previous methods and lack of specificity raises doubts, with many sections terming it as inappropriate and unsafe for humans. Of late, the latest weapon added to the armory of human genome editing is a technique called Crispr-Cas9. The main reason for this technique to receive universal acclaim is that, unlike the previous methods, it is possible for scientists to insert, modify, or delete DNA with unprecedented precision, increased efficiency, specificity, and more flexibility. Because of this precision and efficiency, human body achieves optimal strength to impede attacks of microorganisms. “The method, known by the acronym Crispr-Cas9, co-opts the natural immune system with which bacteria remember the DNA of the viruses that attacks them so they are ready the next time those same invaders appear”. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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