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Topic is going to be given in the word file - Essay Example

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Life is cyclic as regards the materials consumed and the same materials are used over and over again in metabolism. But as regards energy it is…
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Topic is going to be given in the word file
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Download file to see previous pages In the course of the last two centuries, the global national incomes have significantly increased resulting in exceptionally his living standards at least as compared to retrospective civilizations. The main reason behind this exponential increment in the quality of life can be attributed to among other things the efficiency in the extraction of energy from the environment. Humanity has achieved unprecedented level of efficacy owing to technological advancement, which makes it easy for people to easily convert raw resources into inputs. Various Geologic processes and atmospheric systems such as ecosystem and animal or human societies are inherently tied together through a series of transformational energy activities operating through a complex series of feedback mechanisms that allow them to be self-regulating. The process of energy transformation thus functions throughout the biosphere so that energy can be degraded and materials can be organized in hierarchical systems of constantly increasing spatial temporal scales (Odum and Odum, 2001). The first and cardinal rule of energy conservation states that one can either neither create nor destroy energy, at the end of the day, the energy lost is directly proportional to the among that is gained. The underlying supposition is that one cannot get anything for nothing and the consistency of energy is often described in diagrams in which the energy flowing must be accounted for within the boundaries either in form of output or storage. Secondly, the energy in an isolated system at equilibrium will investable increase over time, the key transformative agent for energy is work; therefore, dispersed energy is incapable of doing any work thus resulting to degradation in the system.
The connection between energy efficiency and economic growth has been demonstrated and restated for centuries in the world’s economic arena, as the countries that exploit and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Topic Is Going to Be Given in the Word File Essay.
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