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The Applications Biological Concepts - Essay Example

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This essay The Applications Biological Concepts talks about the legal system which depends on forensic pathologists who are in a position of isolating DNA and characterizing it to help in the identification of suspects who may have committed a crime. …
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The Applications Biological Concepts
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Download file to see previous pages As the research declares a woman may seeks the intervention of the court to give orders compelling a man pay for the upkeep of the children, the woman’s claims that a particular man is the father of her child may be refuted by that man. In such cases, the DNA of the child and that of the suspected father will be matched before the court compels the man to take full responsibilities of taking care of the child.
From the report it is clear scientist uses the microbial populations to help in recycling of environmental wastes. If microbial life was not evolving, our environment would consist of heaps of wastes that are difficult to recycle using microbes, however, evolution of populations in the microorganisms like Fungi has made it possible to degrade environmental contaminants like lignin. Microbes have important application in the wastewater treatment practices. The microbial life helps in the removal of organic matters from the sewerage system. Such practice makes it safe to return the water to the streams and the rivers. The evolution of microbes is utilized in the treatment of sewerage. The diversity of microbial population in the environment plays a critical role in nutrient recycling. Scientist use microbes in the discovery of essential products through a process called biosynthesis. Examples of biosynthetic products are the vitamins C and vitamin B12, which are obtained from using the fermentation practices of specific bacteria. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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