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The Biological Sciences Borders on the Obsessive - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper describes places of learning that incorporated coeducation. To its credit, such bigotry was conspicuous by its absence, at Stanford University. This venerable temple of learning has always been guided by the maxim that the wind of freedom blows, in its precincts…
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The Biological Sciences Borders on the Obsessive
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Extract of sample "The Biological Sciences Borders on the Obsessive"

Download file to see previous pages My keen interest in this area of science prompted me to participate in academic decathlons. In the 2008 academic decathlon, my efforts were rewarded with a silver medal in the science division. I redoubled my efforts and garnered the gold medal in the academic decathlon for 2009. It is my avowed objective to excel in biological sciences. The presence of such renowned scholars, amongst the faculty, the excellent educational facilities on offer and the spirit of freedom of thought have made me resolve to study at Stanford University. As an individual who regularly meditates, I had always assumed that mental activity reduces significantly when one is at rest. This was tellingly disproved, by an article that I read in the Scientific American of March 2010. In this work, the author Raichle, brought to the fore, the astounding discovery regarding a brain system that had been termed the default mode network (DMN). Albeit, the intricacies underpinning this mechanism have not yet been unravelled; there is understanding to the extent that this system organizes memory and related systems, so as to respond effectively to external stimuli. The DMN synchronizes the various component of the brain, in order to engender conscious activity. However, the most fascinating aspect of the functioning of the brain, from my perspective, is that the brain is never idle. There is always some background activity in the brain. This was realized as long ago as 1929, but this important discovery was ignored. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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