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Optimization of Macromolecular Crowded Culture - Dissertation Example

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The study “Optimization of Macromolecular Crowded Culture” seeks to investigate macromolecular crowding with a view to illustrating how it enhances extracellular matrix deposition. It will engage the use of collagenase digestion…
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Optimization of Macromolecular Crowded Culture
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Download file to see previous pages These cells handle the synthesis of the extracellular matrix as well as collagen. The cells will redifferentiate into two states namely, the activated state and the less active state. The resultant less active cell plays a role in the metabolism of the tissues and its maintenance. Despite the cells own ability to replicate, therapies on the cell have grown to produce various substitutes not only for the skin.Also, for the lungs, and blood vessels through an extracellular matrix of their tissue.There was interference with the structure when initial attempts were made to use seeded scaffold cells on collagen. That was due to the remodeling of the tissue, and its functioning. These limitations greatly contributed to the establishment of a mechanism for cell recreation that is independent of the structure. These methods are either self-assembly or scaffold-free tissue engineering. The previous uses a cell to cell contact to come up with a contiguous cell sheet fabrication. Also, ECM is endogenously produced through this process.
 There are various clinical and preclinical methods that have already been commercialized especially due to extremely long duration needed for cultures of ex vivo (Dityatev, 2010). As a result, there have been many trials made to achieve tissue-engineering of varied tissues, cartilage, bones, liver and other organs. Among these, some of the most successful constructs of tissue engineering include bladder, airway, and the artificial skin. The process of having completely functional constructs is however faced with the challenge of increasing complexity in the nature of tissues.
 The proposal uses a new approach called macromolecular crowding to create similar issues as the products of ECM. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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