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The immune system of the body entails a collection of cells, tissues and molecules that coordinate and work in conjunction to protect the body from a multitude of pathogenic microbes, as well as, toxins within the surrounding. The processed of the defense against the microbes is…
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Compare and contrast the biological processes underlying innate and adaptive immunity
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Download file to see previous pages However, it is notable that the reactions also differ with aspect to the response they facilitate, as well as, how they facilitate the same towards the pathogens (The Open University, 2006, p 137). Other differences of activity also major along the effect or cells and specificity of the varied classes of the microbes. Nonetheless, these immunity reactions remain key in facilitating health to the human body.
The innate immunity is for the nonspecific defense mechanisms that react to the entry or appearance of the antigen to the body immediately or within hours. The components of the innate immunity reactions include the physical barriers such as the skin, the chemicals in the blood and the all immune system cells that engage the foreign cells in the body (The Open University, 2006, p 138). Thus, it is notable that the innate response activation is from the chemical properties of the antigens. The adaptive immunity, on the contrary, refers to all the antigen specific responses of the immune system. It entails a complex immune response reaction compared to the innate immunity. The adaptive immunity requires that the antigen be processed and recognized (The Open University, 2006, p 139). Once the antigen processing and recognition ends, then the system creates a new system of immune cells that specifically fit the antigen processed. The adaptive immunity entails a memory, which makes the response possible in the future against the antigen or even more specific antigens. The adaptive immune system, is emergent from the existence of the pathogen. The illustration of the vaccine process is a good example of the adaptive immune system in action.
The cells and proteins that are always present in the body and ready to mobilize and launch a defense against the microbes at the infection site constitute the innate immune systems. The innate immune system does have several core components making the entire defense army of the body. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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