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This essay "Genetics & Sport Bioethical Concerns" casts light on the issue of preimplantation genetic diagnosis. Admittedly, this article caused a whirlwind of emotions and questions, however, the issue of preimplantation genetic diagnosis is complicated, and the simple answer will not work. …
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Genetics & Sport Bioethical Concerns
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Refusing certain mutations we "play the role of God" to some extent. Another, essential from an ethical point of view, disadvantage lies in the fact that this type of diagnosis may be available only to people with high fortune. That means that poor people are unable to use these methods. Because this is unfair, it is necessary to develop a state program that can provide an opportunity for low-income families to use this type of diagnosis. Finally, the worst thing in preimplantation diagnosis is that during the selection of healthy embryos some of them can be killed. It is a difficult bioethical issue.
Concerning the advantages of this diagnosis: firstly, and most importantly, in that way, we can provide a high quality of life for our children and their parents. People should never forget that even given birth to a child with a specific genetic disease, like Down syndrome, parents devote the child to suffer throughout all life. Second, we saturate our human population of healthy genes, which reduces the likelihood of recurrence of the disease. Second, we saturate our human population by healthy genes, which reduces probability recurrence of the disease.
Overall, the use of genetics is becoming broader significance in our lives. This applies to medicine, agriculture and many other things around us. Heredity of certain physical properties, such as body type, the composition of muscle fiber and type of sensorimotor reactions may affect the achievement in sport (Miah). The task of modern society is to prevent the parents to choose their children`s quality. This process should be natural and "playing God" it not possible from an ethical point of view. Thus, take into consideration that progress cannot be stopped, we should pay more attention to bioethical issues. Read More
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