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Conduct a literature review of studies to analyse the basis of human sexual orientation - Assignment Example

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Males and females have been made with distinct features in the physiological, mental and other aspects. Several researches and biological studies have…
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Conduct a literature review of studies to analyse the basis of human sexual orientation
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Extract of sample "Conduct a literature review of studies to analyse the basis of human sexual orientation"

Download file to see previous pages ave given sufficient explanations to the prevailing male and female characteristics, people still need to be made aware of their particular sexual orientation and how this information can enhance their functioning in life (Weiss, 2007; Weiner, 2004).
Sexual orientation can be defined as the lasting personality that enables people to incline to their feelings of romance or sexual appeal to other people of the matching sex, gender, or both (Scherer, 2013; Hopkin, 2004). The romantic or sexual feelings that are subsumed by these people can be classified as being heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual (Biegel, 2010). However, it is important to understand that there are people who do not experience sexual feelings or attractions to people of the opposite sex, these people are said to be asexual.
The above-listed categories, including asexual orientation, are part of the wider concept relating to sexual identity in human beings. In reference to APA, sexual orientation can be described as an individual’s judgment of his identity, which is determined by the attractions, other related behaviors as well as being a member in a group of people that share similar attractions.
This is a different term that is said to overlap largely with the concept of sexual orientation. An individual that is said to identify himself as being bisexual distinguishes himself from another person simply by the fact that he had made a choice. For instance, a person that is bisexual may have preference for certain sex in place of another and go ahead to fulfill his “desire,” in this case, the main determining factor in sexual preference is the element of choice.
Scientists, in their numerous researches, have failed to give any conclusive evidence about why and how one exhibits certain sexual orientations compared to another. However, several theories that have been grounded on biological research reports explain that sexual orientation is largely influenced by genetic factors.
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