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Orientation to Biblcal Studies - Literature review Example

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Name of the Student Religion and Theology Name of the Concerned Professor 14 July 2013 Benefits and Pitfalls of the Modern Academic Study of Scripture- A Reflection There is no denying the fact that studying scripture is not one and the same thing as reading scripture…
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Orientation to Biblcal Studies
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Extract of sample "Orientation to Biblcal Studies"

Download file to see previous pages There is a sense of joy and effort hidden in finding something for ourselves. Thereby the modern academic study of scripture allows an individual a chance to engage with a religious text in a such way that one tends to develop a personal appropriation of the scripture. A systematic modern study of the scripture is pivotal because it happens to be the word of God and contains no fallacy or errors. An academic study of scripture is necessary to quintessentially realize the fact that God is there to take care of this universe and miracles can happen even today as they happened about 2000 years ago in Israel. It is really feasible to go through the scripture without understanding much of it. Even more easy it is to misinterpret the message inherent in the scripture or to interpret a word totally out of context. An academic study of the scripture helps one arrive at the actual and correct understanding of the text in it and places one’s decision to live by the word and to devote one’s life to the study of scripture on a sound footing. A religious attending of the mass is not a sure way to receive the innate message of the scripture as there happens to be no preacher incapable of fallacy or not liable to make mistakes. Thereby a modern academic study of the scripture is a more eager and sincere way to receive the message in the scripture. ...
However, to be able to accrue a firm judgment in these matters, it is imperative for a believer to personally engage in a systematic study of the scripture and to thoroughly imbibe its content. And when it comes to preachers and teachers who intend to disseminate the good news implicit in the scripture, it is a must for them to have a thorough grounding in the text, so that what they preach to others is immaculately faultless and in consonance with the true message in the scripture. Hence, the study of the scripture is an integral aspect of a believer’s life, and more so for the believers who intend to spread and convey the good news to others. In the contemporary times when it is feasible to engage in an academically sound study of the scripture, and considering the abundance of sources available on the scripture, it behoves any believer to engage in an academically systematic study of the scripture, even if it happens to be of the most basic or simple scope. A modern academic study of the scripture helps one understand its importance and thereby encourages and motivates one to work hard in construing the message given in it. However, it goes without saying that there are also many pitfalls associated with an academic study of the scripture. One of the essential pitfalls in this context is that a scholar with ample erudition in the academic study of the scripture may lose contact with the actual spirit of the text and in self-conceitedness based on personal scholarship may end up believing the scripture to be a historical or literary text (Gooder 56). It is important to know the scripture, yet, it is even more important for a believer to know the Lord. Hence, while engaged in a systematic study of the scripture it is important for a student not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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