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Why not try to work with the body to shake off undesirable health conditions? People have become so much absorbed into fighting and masking their health conditions to…
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The benefits of cryotherapy
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The Benefits of Cryotherapy Many people usually work hard to conceal the symptoms of numerous health issues that riddle human life each day. Why not try to work with the body to shake off undesirable health conditions? People have become so much absorbed into fighting and masking their health conditions to such an extent that they have simply forgotten the body natural ability to fight off diseases. The human body is endowed with the capacity to trigger a natural healing process that can benefit people suffering from numerous health conditions. Nonetheless, the body’s immune system as to be accorded adequate support for proper functioning. In order to achieve this, cryotherapy has become one of the most preferred approaches by doctors to boost the immune system of the human body. Researchers have proved that cryotherapy comes with numerous benefits and patients who have been subject to this technology have indicated admirable outcomes.
Cryotherapy basically involves a simple process that entails exposing the human body to very low temperatures. It is “therapeutic use of cold” (Archer 262). It involves spraying patients with a dry nitrogen mist the cools then skin immediately patients enter a chamber that is specially designed for this purpose. Even though the temperature of the skin is lowered just for a few minutes, the result of spraying patients with skin-chilling dry Nitrogen is often wonderful (Archer 262). When the temperature of the body drops, the immune system of the body is activated to respond, thereby leading to pain or inflammation relief (Eaves 72; Kenner 662; Aigner and Stephens 48).
Perhaps, some people are wondering about how it feels when one undergoes cryotherapy. The therapy is very quick and the whole treatment procedure is absolutely painless, which is one of the main advantages of cryotherapy. Cryotherapy is also beneficial because it treats numerous health conditions (Knight and Draper 5). Cryotherapy can be used to treat serious debilitating diseases like arthritis and Fibromyalgia. It is also known to boost the performance of athletes (Millis and Levine 314). According to CryoClinics, cryotherapy remains crucial for facilitating recovery in sports and ensuring highly competitive sports (CryoClinics Para 11). Do you recall the ice bags that team doctors usually put on the head of players when there is head collision of some soccer player hurt his leg? This is fundamentally what cryotherapy technique. “Welsh rugby team began using cryotherapy in the run-up to the 2011 Rugby World Cup in order to aid their recovery following training sessions” (CryoClinics Para 3).
According to CryoClinics, many scientific tests have proven the benefits that athletes can derive from cryotherapy. Based on the result of a comparative study between two groups in which one was exposed to cryotherapy while one was not, it was established that the group subjected to cryotherapy “had significant improvements in all areas compared to the group that did not receive the cold therapy” (CryoClinics Para 7). CryoClinics further asserts that the Wales national rugby team was evidently the fittest team at the 2011 Rugby World Cup because the team uses cryotherapy (CryoClinics Para 9).
Cryotherapy has been a fundamental approach for treating many health conditions because it effectively stimulates the immune response of the human body (Nordhoff 223). This in turn leads to increased circulation, metabolism, detoxification, immune function and repair of body tissues (Williams 296; Pray 337). Therefore, instead of taking undercover and making fruitless efforts to conceal those health conditions that have been constant nightmare in your life, cryotherapy could be an excellent solution for dealing with the problems.
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