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Human Population Growth and the Environment - Essay Example

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Human beings have been living on the surface of the earth for the past couple of years and have managed to increase in population based on a number of factors related to their environment. According to Hunter (2000), earth existence is dated 5 billion years ago. Furthermore, the…
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Human Population Growth and the Environment
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Download file to see previous pages of humans on earth, population increase has always been attributed to a number of factors namely: fertility, longevity infact mortality, animal domestication plus agriculture, industrial revolution, nutrition, and medicine.
In the past, human population on the surface of the earth was scarce. According to Hunter (2000), the above factors contributed greatly to increase in population in the past 200 years. Human population was constantly kept small due to occurrence of diseases that were incurable, natural disasters that could not be avoided, high infant mortality rate, poor fertility rates, poor agricultural farming, poor nutrition, and poor knowledge in medicine. With human beings becoming more revolutionized and discovering tools which could help them in increasing their production, a lot of changes made in the field of agriculture contributed to increase in food production and hence longevity. Majority of groups whom were pastoralists on seeing the benefits of agriculture, settled in various placed, coupled with the technological know-how of the given art, specialization led to growing up of various fields which encouraged a given population to be concentrated in a town center in order to benefit from the given activity.
Trade came hand in hand with agriculture and humans diversified in their search to get more stability in their lives. With stability, came the need to research on common problems that faced the given population and provide remedies. These are some of the things that led into research in technological and medical advancements that resulted in increased cure rate and less death rate in all ages. Around 200 years ago, with the coming of industrial revolution, human beings population started to grown as they discovered that the world offered more resources. Around that time, infant mortality had been reduced as research in medicine had been advanced. In addition, mortality in general reduced based on more diseases getting cured. As human ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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