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The human population explosion on a finite planet: is there a limit to limitless growth - Research Paper Example

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During this era, human and animal labor was being taken over by technology that was faster, stronger and one that worked without wearing out. Productivity automatically increased and in his mind, this…
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The human population explosion on a finite planet: is there a limit to limitless growth
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Extract of sample "The human population explosion on a finite planet: is there a limit to limitless growth"

Download file to see previous pages This would lead to a decrease in human population. What he referred to as “the beginning of the end” in his quote "the population has great power in the earth to produce for man’s food. Population, if not controlled, goes up in a geometrical ratio. Food increases in an arithmetical ratio." (Malthus, 2007).
Malthus was close to getting right the facts about population. However, this statement had errors in it, and there were things that he overlooked. He did not consider that affluence brought about by industrialization would indeed slow down birth rates. Industrial revolution would bring about other developments such formal education which in turn bring in turn developments and discoveries we have today such as birth control methods. Until recently, population growth was slow and manageable.
But with the advent of industrial revolution, a drastic rise in the population has been witnessed. This high rate of increase is what we call population explosion (Steck, 2014). Demographers can better explain this population explosion. The explosion in human population is a reflection of increased births over deaths. And the death rate is not about to change in the near future. Overpopulation has come with its negative effects. These effects are of a major concern now, and if not checked, humanity may be headed for doom in the near future as many of these effects are life threatening. Some of these effects are;
Overpopulation comes with its severe effects. One of these effects is scarcity of resources. There is a limited amount and supply of water, space for shelter and food on earth. Currently, the earth is falling short of all these resources due to overpopulation. The planet can no longer provide enough for the growing number of its inhabitants. More so, these growing population’s activities such as, deforestation are contributing to the scarcity of these resources. In that, without trees, there will definitely be a shortage of rainfall, global warming ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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