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In his article, he tells the tale of a young boy Ben Novak who is so incensed with the thought of having the extinct passenger pigeon back…
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Bringing extinct animals back to life
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Bringing extinct animals back to life The tries to give the implications brought about by the disappearance of the passenger pigeon on the subsequent human generation. In his article, he tells the tale of a young boy Ben Novak who is so incensed with the thought of having the extinct passenger pigeon back that he can do anything that could guarantee its regeneration. He cites that if it was possible to bring back mammoth from extinction, regenerating the passenger pigeon remains a possibility. Stewart Brand also rues the missed chance of seeing the flocks of passenger’s pigeon from the tales given by her mother. This project involves withstanding painstaking research and consumption of large sums of money in the project. It also involves fighting back ethical issues raised by environmentalists concerning the undertakings. Novak and Brand represent the group of new generation who are passionate about having the extinct animals back in the global ecosystem.
The author is biased in the way he present the project Revive and Restore as the solution to the extinction problem. The mission and vision of the organization trying to launch the de-extinction program which would ensure the extinct birds and animals are restored back into the ecosystem. The underlying value is down to giving conservation measures a different approach as well as the restoration of beauty of having those birds and animals around.
However, the writer fails to address the issues that lead to extinction in the first place. The project Revive and Restore will consume a lot of funds which can be channeled to more conservation measure to guards the animals which are already being faced by extinction. In addition, the author fails to address the repercussion of the extinct animal regenerate upsetting the current ecosystem balance as they struggle to adapt themselves to an environment tat have changed over the decades.
It is worth mentioning that the article present some valuable information about the importance of conservation. It highlights how human negligence over animal conservation can lead to a very expensive and time consuming reversal process. So what ought to be done to conserve the existing endangered species should be put in place to avoid the expensive and unproven de-extinction process.
Q. What are the ethical issues that would emerge as a result of undertaking de-extinction projects?
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