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The competition strategies that the self-propelled organisms use is different, and their survival depends on the speed that they can quickly adapt to the strategies they use. The…
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A wall of funnels concentrates swimming bacteria
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Sur A wall of funnels concentrates swimming bacteria Introduction Survival in a changing environment is crucial to the micro organisms that are self propelled. The competition strategies that the self-propelled organisms use is different, and their survival depends on the speed that they can quickly adapt to the strategies they use. The mobility researches that have been carried out in the past years are acknowledged to have a specific focus in the explanation of the microorganisms’ behavior (Martinko & Madigan 25).
The research on the mobility of the microorganisms is aimed at demonstrating how simple microstructures can have an effect on the swimming bacteria. It also shows how these microstructures can affect the living, breeding and feeding patterns of the microorganisms. The structures are also responsible for the change in populations and patterns that the microorganisms are used to.
The results achieved were through using funnels that were laced with reactive ion and microlithography fluids that were mixed with silicon water. The funnel enclosures were placed in a way that the bacteria would swim and then were sealed with microscope slides. The analysis of the bacteria behavior and swimming modes was determined through reading and use of the microscope (Martinko & Madigan 63).
The results were that the swimmers were green in color and fluorescent, which represented the mobility of the microorganisms. The bacteria were initially spread on the funnel and as they communicate with each other to move towards the microfluidic mixture. With time, the bacteria travelled from the broader side of the funnel to the narrow part where they concentrated and coagulated together (Martinko & Madigan 112). The research has contributed to the in-depth knowledge of survival strategies that we can look at when it comes to evolution.It helps the scientific world in analyzing the changes that can be made when it comes to mobility of bacteria and how to separate them.
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