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Specificity is a common trait that allows cells to store important information that enable programming by the D.N.A on beneficial actions by the cell; use of special tools with specific size and shape controlled by the repressor gene on aspects of supply into the cell. The…
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Special Tools of life
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Special Tools of Life Introduction Specifi is a common trait that allows cells tostore important information that enable programming by the D.N.A on beneficial actions by the cell; use of special tools with specific size and shape controlled by the repressor gene on aspects of supply into the cell. The specificity and the actions of the repressor gene ensure important parts of the cell are not destroyed in the process of mutation, molecule breakdown and other activities in the cell that involve a combination of enzymes. The effects of these enzymes are either one fold or two fold depending with their functions that is some enzymes will break molecules completely while others will break them into parts allowing other enzymes to complete the breakdown.
The ability of the living things to make their own tools that enable in the daily activities by the cell can be purely pegged on the programming aspect of the information contained in the D.N.A which controls what is to be in the cell at a given period of time and performing a specific function (Lightner, 2004). The bacteria on the other hand contain enzymes that can perform specific duties with time and though they miss others they gain them in the process of mutation and the interaction of other enzymes with the molecules and the cell.
It should also be noted that cell mutation affects the activities of enzymes by changing their shapes and their effectiveness in performing their specific roles; affecting the breakdown procedure /stages of some molecules and allowing accumulation of unwanted enzymes in the cell. Bacterium mutations come with different strains that can survive in various environments within the cell which with adaptation and time they develop special features, which can be treated as tools, to enable them perform their roles effectively in the new environment.
Evolution theorists try to explain this as a change in the genetic information but in most case these changes impacts on destroying the important components of the cell such as the repressor gene, allowing the uncontrolled supply of enzymes. The picky and selective trait by the cell on what is let in allows the optimality of enzymes functioning within the call such that the repressor gene controls the production of a certain enzyme if the complement enzyme is available and vice versa, in a switch on/off mode.
Evolution theorists highlight the process of cell mutation ignoring the specific actions and interactions of the bacteria calls and the enzymes produced to breakdown the substrate molecules; a phenomenon that requires time and intrinsic analysis.
Lightner, J, (May 12, 2004). Special Tools of Life. Biochemistry dna, Retrieved from http:/ Read More
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Special Tools of Life Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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