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PC Accessibility Tools and Its Various Classroom Use - Research Paper Example

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Thanks to the advent of the PC, laptop, and tablet in the classrooms, these students can do exactly that. This paper looks at some of the PC accessibility tools available in Windows 8 and how it helps to enhance the classroom experience for the students. …
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PC Accessibility Tools and Its Various Classroom Use
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"PC Accessibility Tools and Its Various Classroom Use"

Download file to see previous pages With over six million school aged children ranging from ages 3-17 in our schools today, The National Center for Education Statistics realizes that there is a need to help these students stay abreast of their educational needs. (“Assistive Technology Helps All Kids Learn”) That is where the Accessibility Tools option in all Windows products, in this case Windows *, comes in to “allow the user to customize their accessibility options in Windows 8”. (“Ease of Access Center in Windows 8”)
Some classrooms will have vision impaired students. Their computers can be tailor suited to their visual shortcoming by using the accessibility tools set within the computer to help them better see their monitors. By using the “Make Computer Easier To See” command, the resolution can be adjusted to make the screen brighter or softer for the student to see the text. The Narrator may also be turned on in order to have the text read to the student. While the Audio Description tool can be used to have the video being shown on screen described to the student. The Magnifier can also be used to increase the font and icon size of the onscreen display so that the student can better navigate his way around the system. The Narrator and Audio Desription can also be used by students who are totally vision impaired (blind). (“Accessibility in the Classroom”)...
Thus allowing the student the freedom to use the computer as he wishes for whatever particular need he has. (“Assistive Technology Helps All Kids Learn”) For students with Dexterity Impairment, the mouse can be turned off and its functions redirected to the arrow keys on the numeric keypad on a PC or the arrow keys on a laptop. Sticky keys can also assigned and used so that the user will no longer have to use combination presses such as ctrl+alt+del to execute certain keyboard shortcuts. The modern computers now have touch technology built into their screens thereby minimizing the need for an actual keyboard when using the PC, laptop, or tablet. Used in combination with Speech recognition, it becomes a lot easier for the dexterity impaired students to navigate their way through the various programs and commands within the computer. (“Accessibility in the Classroom”). In the case of students who are both hearing and vision impaired, they are not doomed to a life without education. Ease of Access tools within Windows 8 allows the units to be specially outfitted with Braille readers that can be used alongside the speech recognition, Audio, and Narrator tools of the system. Thus giving them the full effect of a modern day, computer based education in the classroom or the comfort of their own homes for those who are physically unable to come to class. (“Accessibility in the Classroom”) It is important to note however, that these accessibility tools are not limited in use to special needs students. The accessibility tools available on the computers can also be used by students who find themselves within special circumstances. Take for instance the case of a child who broke ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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PC Accessibility Tools and Its Various Classroom Use Research Paper.
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