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In his article “The Idea of a University”, Roger Scruton stated that the university does not just exist to impart expertise or information (Scruton). To Roger, the university is a society, where students absorb the accomplishments and graces of a great form of life. Above…
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Download file to see previous pages However, the online education also brings some negative effect to students. If the technology or Internet shut down, students would delay their learning. In the writing project three, I will clarify the pros and cons of online education.
First, online education has received much acceptable on account of its cheapness. Such is the case that courses offered online are more affordable when compared to those offered at trade schools or colleges. While studying in collages may at times present some costs such as transportation, housing and meals, online education may not entail such expenses (Billitteri, pg 12). It is also important to note that online education saves students from the immigration problems as all a student needs to do is access the internet and begin the learning.
The next advantage is the convenience advanced to students with regard to deciding when to study and for how long. Unlike in collages where students take their courses based on some annual or semester, here, students get the rare opportunity to schedule their studying around their work or even social schedule. The case has it that students are not limited to a classroom and thus they may do their work whenever they have the chance to access computer and internet. For this reason, students are able to set their own pace and choose exactly how fast they wish to go over the course.
Flexibility is the other advantage attached to online education. This is especially brought by the idea that the program does not have set class times and place, a reason that gives students the room to decide when to complete their readings and assignments. Due to this flexibility, students can carry out their official or private work concurrently with their online education. The advantage of time flexibility allows students to log in and log out whenever it seems convenient, unlike the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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