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The main aim of the experiment was to examine the movement of materials across dialysis tubing. The dialysis tubing was used in this experiment since is a form a semi…
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Lab assignment
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Lab assignment Purpose The purpose of the experiment was to evaluate diffusion and osmosis process across semipermeablemembranes. The main aim of the experiment was to examine the movement of materials across dialysis tubing. The dialysis tubing was used in this experiment since is a form a semi permeable membrane or tubing that has properties of cellulose and cellophane membranes; thus, the membrane is vital in investigating the properties of real cell membranes. Moreover, it perfectly responds to water as a solvent. Notably, the movement of these materials depended on the concentrated of the solved and the permeable membrane involved in the movement.
The main this experiment was to demonstrate that an active cell allows movement of certain substances across the cell membrane through a different process.
The movement of material across the dialysis membrane was depended on the concentration of the materials across the membrane. Notably, highly concentrated solutions were expected to move from high to low concentrations through diffusion process. Additionally, materials were also expected to move form regions of low concentration to high concentration across the membrane (movement of the experimental material out of the membrane) through osmosis process. Finally, at a certain point or zero concentration gradient no movement of materials across the cell was expected.
Solution in the tube
Concentration of the solution in the tube
Tonicity of the solution (compared to the Cell)
Direction of movement of water
The concentration of any given solution determines the movement of materials across any semi or permeable membrane. The movement of water molecules or materials from regions of high concentration to regions of low concentrated refers to diffusion of materials. The materials are expected move from regions of low concentration to regions of high concentration in a process termed as osmosis. These movements are attempts of creating balance or equilibrium in concentration within the regions around any given cell membrane. Therefore, when the concentrations between the membranes are of equal concentration, there shall be no movement of material across the membrane. Hence, this process well explains different types of movements of materials across cell membranes of living organisms (Beckett 23).
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