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My Religion Lab 4, Thirteen Principles of Faith - Assignment Example

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Among these principles, God’s eternity, the Torah’s unchanging state and the supremacy of Moses as God’s prophet are key principles in the Jewish faith…
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My Religion Lab Assignment 4, Thirteen Principles of Faith
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Principles of Jewish Faith Reflect on your reading of the article, “Thirteen Principles of Faith,” and explain at least three (3) principles that pertain to Jewish faith practices.
The Thirteen Principles of Faith relate the fundamentals that form the foundation for Jewish faith practices. Among these principles, God’s eternity, the Torah’s unchanging state and the supremacy of Moses as God’s prophet are key principles in the Jewish faith (Maimonides, 1994). The first principle states that God is eternal. The principle labels God as the Creator who is, who was and who always will be. This implies that God is self-existing and was not created. Instead, He existed before creation and will keep existing to the end of times. God’s eternal nature serves to display His divine power over all mortal creations and establishes His authority over mankind.
The second principle listed above pertains to the unchanging nature of the Torah. The ninth principle states that the Torah will always remain unchanged. The Jewish view the Torah as the law given to them by God through his prophet Moses. The Torah should not be altered in its state as it is a divine law ordained by God. No human being has any authority over adding, subtracting or altering the Torah from its original state. Jewish faith also believes that God will not change the law by giving them another Torah.
One of the strongest principles of Jewish faith establish the place of Moses as a prophet of God. The principle asserts that Moses is God’s prophet. Moreover, Jewish faith practitioners view Moses as the greatest of God’s prophet to have ever existed in the history of their faith. The supremacy of Moses is established by his role in leading the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt through God’s divine guidance. Furthermore, God gave the Torah to Moses who then passed it to the people. The Torah became God’s law and Moses God’s greatest practices. These principles affirm the fundamentals of Jewish faith.
Maimonides Principles: The Fundamentals of Jewish Faith, in "The Aryeh Kaplan Anthology,
Volume I", Mesorah Publications 1994 Read More
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