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One's Beliefs and Religious Faith - Assignment Example

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This paper presents an interview about one's beliefs and religious faith. The respondent said for all his life he has been living in Wisconsin Dells, WI. His parents are over religious people, they are protestants. They tried to raise the respondent as a good man…
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Ones Beliefs and Religious Faith
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Extract of sample "One's Beliefs and Religious Faith"

Did you turn away from your faith?
Exactly, I did.
And now you are an active parishioner of Protestant church?
Yes, definitely I am.
So what brought you back to your faith and religion?
The Lord brought me back. However, through some difficult circumstances. My mother got in a hospital with cancer, when I came home after another party dad told me the news. I was shocked and scared of mom’s life. So when I came to a hospital and saw her in such a bad condition, I was desperate and started praying. I remembered how to pray, we used to do it in our church, but thereat, in front of my sick mother, I didn’t feel like what I was saying to God was right. I was irritated because it seemed to me that God didn’t respond to my prayer. And I promised to Him that I will cut ties with that bad company if He helps my mother. I understand that it is not really religious to bargain with the Lord, but it actually worked. My mom’s surgery was successful, and since then I realized that God is not equal to religion.
So what is God? And what is a religion for you now?
I don’t know what God is, or probably, there is no possible way for me to get to know Him fully. All I can is to read the Bible, because He told people to do so, and try to understand how should I live to please Him. People should understand that our Lord is not something, which forces us to live rightly, no, He gives us the freedom to choose, He talks to us, another thing that we usually don’t hear Him. My religion for me it’s a way to surround myself with people who share my views, in addition, I think God hears us better when we get together and pray to Him.
Do you believe in the Holy Trinity?
Of course, I just think that they are the one, but a kind of play different roles in this world, I can’t explain it, but I know for sure that Jesus saved me, The Lord is my father and best friend, and Holy Spirit is always with me. I believe that I can tell Them anything and They will always understand me, forgive me and show me how to behave in accordance with their will. It’s not like they force me to live as they won't, I want it because my life is always better when I feel their constant presence. Read More
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(Interview about one'S Believe Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Interview about one'S Believe Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Interview about one'S Believe Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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